Is Pickett going to be the guy that drops?

It seems like he is the only one that is getting negative-ish reviews. Is it smoke? He probably won’t even throw at the Combine if there are arm strength concerns.

CBS Sport’s Draft analysis Chris Trapasso says Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett’s arm was a clear step weaker than everyone else’s at the Senior Bowl.

On Trapasso’s Purple Insider podcast, he said Kenny Pickett’s arm was “like a clear step behind everyone else’s”, even compared to WKU’s Bailey Zappe who many have said had the least arm talent of the Senior Bowl QB’s and is often thought to be a Day 3 pick. Desmond Ridder, Sam Howell and Malik Willis were apparently far superior, with Pickett not getting enough zip on any throws, from short bullets to long bombs taking a extra split second to reach it’s destination than anyone else. Pickett was a Heisman finalist and’s Cynthia Frelund just recently mocked Pickett as the first QB taken but if Pickett’s arm is truly that weak that would put a damper on things. Not many other scouts and analysts have shared Trapasso’s opinion on Pickett’s arm strength, with most ranking Pickett on the same level as Howell and above Zappe, and it will be interesting to see if Pickett’s arm strength becomes a concern.

Panthers are taking him at #6.

Is Pickett going to be the guy that drops?

His hands are supposedly smaller than 9 inches… so he probably does DROP things on occasion.
Had over 20 fumbles in his college career.

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I doubt it. Pickett will be the first QB taken.

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Smoke and Mirrors. It’s lying season in the NFL. Can’t believe anything until the pick is called.


Random comment - Zappe seemed like the most capable QB at the Senior Bowl.

Pickett hiding his hand size seems like a red flag to me. Particularly when someone pointed out that other QBs have been able to increase their hand size measurement by as much as 3/4" by the NFL combine thru tricks of the trade. Having 9 inch hands isn’t the end of the world. But having 8 inch hands that you have to manipulate to seem like you have 8.75 inch hands matters.



Don’t you all recall the talk about Burrow having small hands and how bad he would fumble because of it. Same thing was said about Jared Goff and Kyler Murray.

I just doubt the hand size BS is any real concern. So does coach Pat Narduzzi.

Apparently his double jointed thumb helps him grip the ball. So they say.

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9 inches is the cutoff point where it becomes a big concern. Personnel guys prefer 9.5 inches and above, but they are willing to go all the way down to 9 inches before panic sets in. All 3 of the guys you mentioned came in at 9 inches and above. For Murray his hand size was a concern because he was a smaller guy in general. But the talk went away when he measured in at 9.5 inches.

If Pickett has 8 inch hands, I do think that is cause for alarm. And it makes you wonder why he would be hiding his hand measurement if he had “normal” sized hands.

I’ve heard the 9” cutoff point as well
They prefer 9.5” or more

I’m 6’ tall and had never thought about the size of my hands, assuming they were pretty average — hands are 9” so that has to be very average for 6’

I think Picketts are 8.25” — that’s small

I am 6’2’’ and I was curious about how big my hands are. I am happy to say NFL evaluators would be pleased. My hands are 9.75’’

Yep, direct correlation with height

I am shorter than 6’0” tall and my hands are 9 inches.

Pickett’s hands look small when he holds the ball, and he had 26 fumbles in college… in 49 starts (53% rate).
That is 9 fumbles per year kind of pace.

Burrow has fumbled 14 times in 26 NFL games.
Goff has 51 fumbles in 83 games.
Kyler has 27 fumbles in 46 games.

That is 92 fumbles in 155 games (55% rate).

Brees has 10 inch hands.
He fumbled 111 times in 287 games (38% rate).

Stafford has big hands.
He has 74 fumbles in 182 games (40% rate).

What does Russell Wilson’s fumble rate look like? He’s short and holds the ball alot, but he has unusually large hands. They are bigger than Joe Flacco’s hands.

Before this season Pickett had fumbled 20 times, so there’s actual data backing up the concern.

But I don’t think the fumbling issues are the biggest concern, it’s playing in weather. Now he played in Pittsburgh and didn’t seem to have too many problems with it, but then you got that second day of the Senior Bowl with the awful rain and wind and by all accounts he was the worst QB that day, so I don’t know.

Personally I don’t think any of these guys are 1st rounders. Willis will go in the 1st for his traits, but I wouldn’t be completely shocked if he was the only one.

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Russell Wilson has lost 25 Fumbles in 158 games. 10.25" hands

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He has fumbled 87 total times (lost 25), though I am not sure how easy it would be to find how many were on some of his 846 rushing attempts.

Same issue with Kyler Murray as well… who has over 300 rush attempts already.

Yeah, and Aaron Donald is undersized and has short arms. That worked out so well for those idiots that passed on him. ***** Cough ****** Lions ****** Cough*******

Aaron Donald has disproportionately long arms for his height.