Is QB Now The Pick

I think the QB now in play is Will Levis and not Anthony Richardson, as I see Stroud, Young, AR as going before 5.

I’m less enthused about Will Levis.

Unless he hits. In which case it’s a masterful move. That’s the paradigm when drafting QBs.

I think we’d pass on Levis.

I don’t think we’d want QB4 at 6. I also think we’d rather wait and take Hooker.

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I think several teams will be interested in Hooker

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There was a time when it was almost unheard of for a quarterback to start his rookie year, now is not that time.

Things change…obviously…

And they often come full circle

Until they change the salary cap or QB compensation it’s highly unlikely.

I realize that….but I am responding to the notion that never in HISTORY has a QB been picked #6 overall to be a back up. Ware was picked 7th and I do know that he had a long hold out that stunted his rookie year….but I am not sure he was going to automatically be the starter



Well I think its highly likely it happens this season with AR15…possibly Levis too, so I might be stupid :crazy_face:

Is that your face on cage? Classic :rofl:

I’m much more attractive than this man (this is the opinion of both me & my mother), but I love the energy…Yes, I put energy like that out there aaaallll the time to make ppl laugh.

This thread is far too long to read in its entirety
Nice to see that this deep into it hasn’t turned into a pissing contest

One thing for sure — Holmes FA moves have had the effect of leaving everyone guessing. Perfect set up to get good compensation for a trade down.

Who will be BPA at #6??
Beats me

FWIW, my understanding is that Carter came in +9 pounds on his pro day and out of shape. If true, zero chance the Lions take him — okay maybe in the 6th or 7th rounds.

It’s really too bad — so many of us want a DT early.

The way the roster has been set up, draft day will be fascinating.