Is QB the pick at #6?

After looking at draft possible choices I am thinking a QB at 6 is now real possibility .

What will be left an the drop of Carter I think QB might be the best value.

Its not to replace Goff its to have one ready in wings if they decide to not extend him after 2024.

I like Hooker but it might be to soon with him recovering from knee injury.

I think Levis is the likely QB remaining at 6. There is now assurance Hooker will make it to rd 2 an are pick is middle of rd 2

I think Wilson an Anderson will be gone before 6 We will be reaching if we take any other player a CB is not major need now an another rd pick on OL is not needed.

If we take a QB we have few years to let him adjust an correct few faults. Its not a major risk.

I am leaning towards Levis at 6 size an arm an he can run . Looks like Bills QB physical runner an gun arm.

Who the hell is this Levin you speak of? :innocent:

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Well that was full of information LOL

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I disagree, we are looking at a playoff window that is open right now. Grab a difference maker that can contribute in a playoff push. A turnover, a sack a TD can swing an entire game. Look at the contributions the Chiefs got this year from their rookie class during their run.

Young would be the exception for me but there is a .01 chance he is there when we pick.


Ok so who is that player?

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If Levis is the next Josh Allen I’d be happy with it. I’m actually getting big Matthew Stafford vibes from him.


I just said this in another thread. The choice may come down to Levis or Carter. I was not impressed with Levis on the field this year but they say the NFL people are very high on him. The one thing we don’t know without being in the interview process is what’s between their ears. I know Levis is very tough and he does have a rocket for an arm.

I read he has a 4.0 GPA an was offered placement from the so called brain schools

Now does that convert to football I don’t know. I said he reminds me of the Bills QB strong arm big size an runs with I don’t care that i am the QB.

I like Hooker but we don’t know about knee an he could be taken before we get to pick.

I just don’t see value now at 6 Carter i doubt will be the pick by Lions just don’t see that happening.

So if Wilson or Anderson are gone QB likely is pick what other player has #6 value.

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There are a number of players that could contribute. Heck look what the Chiefs did with their rookie class during the playoff push.

The positions I’d like to solidify would be DL and DB. So take your pick on whichever prospect you prefer. Gonzo, Witherspoon,Wilson, maybe Anderson falls to us. Trade back a few spots pick up Branch, lots of options.

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I like the value of Hooker if his knee checks out.

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Ok what i posted was with Anderson or Wilson gone read it again an Carter turned down by Lions.

So you skipped a lot of what i said now for a CB its not the need now an you said have impack one now at one likely won’t.

Now a trade back yes if it happens but until it does we are at 6 This is for pick 6 idea not wish list. There is not a player worth the 6 value I take a QB

Not a QB fan unless no other choice,

Sorry, on my phone so I must have missed it. I’ll go back and re-read it.

I think Hooker is just a product of the system they ran at Tennessee. The guy never did anything for 5 years. He reminds me a lot of Andre Ware but I think Ware had a much better arm. I think the media puts a lot of hype on Hooker and deservedly so. He was on his way to a heisman. I would take guys like Bennett and Tune before Hooker. I have been wrong before.

We might have to just go an take one at the top if no position player fits an then draft for rest of positions

You can get quality CB an DT later an add quality drafted players

I like LB in rd 2 also Simpson an he was interviewed at combine an fits Lions attitude

Just to take a QB ? Or you really like Levis as the long term franchise QB


I would take Carter hands down unless Sheila says absolutely not. In that case I would take a hard look at Levis. I think we can win with Goff if he is surrounded with enough talent. I also see what Sean Mcvay saw. You just wish he could stretch the field a bit more. Levis does have that ability.

Who knows we need a rookie to work at being ready every one is a gamble just some better odds

When you look at Anderson an Wilson are gone an Lions likely pass on Carter who you taking at 6 trade down helps but thats a wish not a fact right now. Carter is close to a pass fact unless Lions adjust standard

I agree its not to replace Goff an I would take Carter unless in interviews he shows same lack of interest in game. so if 3 position players are gone might as well take a QB we need one I hope later to develop at least as backup

Do we really want a QB with a debilitating fear of milk?

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