Is Quinn gonna play moneyball at OG?

Is Joe Dahl going to be the next to be let go after letting Glasgow go this year?

I’d like him to. Moneyball at RB and OG (and QB if the rest of the roster is awesome!) makes a ton of sense


He doesn’t have time for moneyball. He’ll be gone next year. He’s not an alpha. It’s obvious.

Probably … The value and money spent in a Shotgun predominant passing offense is in the OT’s not Guard’s …The Saints & Brees was a system that valued guards…
QB’s that played a huge portion of snaps from under center & passing from under center required guards that can pass block and run block and be very good at both and usually more of a power running team …that’s not us.

They value Guard play. It’s why NE tagged Thuney. They value a Guard that doesn’t get knocked off the line. I suspect Dahl will be re-signed at an appropriate time (better sooner than later for the $). I don’t think they’re specifically money-balling the OL, I think they’re still trying to get it where they want it. Glasgow was appreciated, but not the answer. Dahl could be the answer, especially considering is pass-block win rate in 2019. Same can be said for Jackson.

If it was just about the money, Wagner would be back, not Big V.

I thought Dahl signed an extension in the last season or two? We picked Dahl as an OT convert and 4 vets on 1 year deals and 2 rookies we really liked to fill out our IOL. Our OL and RB rooms are filled with low cost guys now after we got burned by Lang, Wagner, Blount, Anderson, etc. the past 2 years.

I think our GM understands the meaning of the word insanity and MP may or may not come to understand it before his coaching career in Detroit is through.

I think they’re already playing money ball with our Guards. Let the expensive Glasgow go, and resign the cheaper Dahl to a cheap 2 year extension.

And yep, they could let Dahl go next off season and gain almost $3 mil in cap space. Johnson would probably slide in as the starting LG at that point.

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Yeah, Dahl signed a short contract agreement. Pretty sure he’ll be due for a re-up pretty quick.

Yes, all teams strive to put players on the field that contribute while on their rookie contract. I don’t know if they’re specifically designating Guards as perpetual moneyball positions. I think it’s more about the players themselves. I suspect Dahl is one they’ll retain.

I think Stenberg is the one destined to rotate or compete with Dahl as he only played LG for each of the last 3 years. Jackson also started some games there but is competing for snaps at RG with a really solid run blocking RT next to him.

Dahl is cheap and versatile. He’ll play out his current contract.

If the Lions want to re sign Dahl they should be able to do so for cheap. He is not very good or durable. I can’t see him having much of a FA market.

For what guards are signing for in FA, I have no problem playing money ball. Look at the contract Tunsill just signed in Houston. He is making damn near as much as Stafford which is insane to me.


Joe Dahl signed a 2 year, $3,600,000 contract with the Detroit Lions, including a $750,000 signing bonus, $1,470,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $1,800,000.

Average Salary: $1,800,000

Contract: 2 yr(s) / $3,600,000

Signing Bonus: $750,000

Guaranteed at Signing: $1,470,000

Joe Dahl’s 2-year extension is a bargain for Detroit Lions

I’d be surprised if Dahl breaks the bank on the open market, but you never know–with his pass blocking ability, he could be highly valued by zone blocking teams.

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Joe Dalh is 27 years old with an April Bday. He is signed through 2021 now. He is a great guy to have under contract through his 28th Bday meaning Joe will turn 29 in 2022. There is a shot he can earn one more contract as a back up/depth/fringe starter.

The Lions have no reason to do anything different at guard right now. We have Joe locked down through 2021, we have two rookies now, we have Wiggins and other vets and we even have a wild card in Josh Garnett. Back up center is a question but Jonah Jackson played center in college (and started games there at Rutgers).

We know the rookies are going to make the roster as will Joe Dahl with Garnett being a Wild Card who could start or get cut. If Josh looks good he could be cheap depth for a season.

Back up center Beau Benzschawel is also still in the back up mix but we likely keep only 8 or 9 OL guys total which means Decker, Dahl, Ragnow, Johan Johnson, Logan Stenberg, Vaitai and Tyrell Crosby are all likely locks. That is 7 players. Beau might have a shot as the back up center helping the rookie to concentrate on guard? Dahl can swing to tackle if necessary and Vaitai can move to LOT if necessary. What player brings the most to the table for the 8th and/or 9th spots? Wiggins can play all over. Josh is all upside.

This will be the best OL battles we have seen in years and years now. Concerning money ball…we are playing that right now by letting Glasgow walk and replacing him with a likely rookie or Josh Garnett. Dahl is an affordable depth player with up side.

I think Beau B is dead man walking in terms of the active roster; perhaps, PS squad candidate.

The Lions have all 3 veteran OGs under relative modest contracts:

Exactly. If he follows up last year’s top-10 win rate with another, his price is going up. But, being signed through 2021 should still give us a chance to sign a team-friendly deal next off-season.

We will definitely have 9 OL. I see 8 locks:
OT: Decker & Crosby
OT/Guard: Vaitai & Aboushi
Guard: Stenberg & Dahl
Center: Ragnow
Guard/Center: Jackson

There’s room for one more backup. A battle between Wiggins, Garnett and Benzschawel. Of those 3, Wiggins is the only one with Center experience, so they may roll with him another season just for that versatility. Benzschawel would be an easy move to Practice Squad.

That’s on paper today, anyway. We’ll see what happens if/when camp starts.

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I don’t think any of the Lions’ OGs are making that much more than the others, enough to get them canned anyway. It’s going to come down to competition in TC and somebody is going to lose. Or possibly get injured and go on the IL. In Dahl’s case, he’s gotta show he’s 100% after hitting the IR last year with a back problem.

I would be pleasantly surprised of either of our rookie OGs show enough this off-season to win the starting gig, guys that go that late typically aren’t NFL-ready yet. Possible, but not likely IMHO. I think for September it’ll be the vets fighting it out for both LG and RG spits. Dahl, Wiggins, Aboushi, and Garnett, go for it guys. Last year the Lions subbed Wiggins in the Glasgow sometimes, this year I wouldn’t be surprised to see both OG spots get subbed, unless somebody surfaces that is head and shoulders above the others. Maybe the rooks will see PT before it’s over, if they’ve earned it.