Is Scott Harris (Tigers GM) Brad Holmes for baseball?

Tigers FA after dropping Miggy’s contract and having big time cap space

Have been solid, could be sneaky good:
Jack Flaherty
Kenta Maeda, was dealing today looked impressive
Shelby Miller
Gio Urshela
Mark Canha

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I know that the SF execs gush about the guy. :man_shrugging:

Let’s hope so!!!

In other news, Jackson Jobe looked incredibly today!

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I think so.
And MLB is a lot tougher projection wise on drafting etc.
I agree on the sneaky good, think i said that recently as well.

More importantly for Detroit as I have repeatedly commented on.
What he has done for development in the minors cannot be understated.

Guys I know, knew, that worked for the Tigers had horror stories about DD and Avila when it came to player development and how they treated analytics, especially DD on that one. The writers had similar stories.

Avila had some good drafts the last few years that we are seeing results of now, but didn’t have player development at all. DD had the Tigers so far behind in analytics that Avila was further behind than what Holmes was when he took over from DD.

Like the Lions I have a lot of confidence in the new front office, Hinch, pitching staff and soo much more. This staff not only understands analytics but as important they understand how to merge analytics with situations each player is in, not a blanket for all.

But, yes, IMO he is. I also think Chris Ilitch will step up when needed, just not as foolishly as his dad did.


Yea, he was, they have done a nice job with him and all the pitchers.

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There is only 1 Bradley Mother ■■■■■■■ Holmes.

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is he signing a whole bunch of people that need tommy john surgery or something?

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Scott Harris passed on Wyatt Langford for Maxx Clark. I don’t think Brad Holmes is doing that.

I get it. Wyatt looks like he is Insta All Star.

But he is a bat only prospect. Tigers have that all over.

I still yelled when they passed him over though, for sure.

Max Clark needs to be Steve Finley/Jim Edmonds/Torri Hunter level to make that pass over acceptable.

Devon White/Amos Otis level will be a close but no cigar.


Ok, that made me laugh…

We won’t really know if it was a mistake for a couple of years. When you factor in speed and defense, Clark has a much higher ceiling IMO.

He just has to hit, which I think he will.


Can’t wait for Tiger baseball. Can’t wait for Tigers to be good for a change. It’s been a long time. Next spring training game on TV is March 19. Going to check it out.

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