Is Stafford stuborn?

Stafford is a good teammate, he never had issues with any players.

But when it comes to studying and adapt I think he is stuborn, there were times he didn’t even have a qb coach.Is that the reason for Stafford’s regression as a veteran ?

He is too inconsistent, see how bress who is less skilled than Stafford,but progressed and became the best qb in nfl now

Not great timing for this post. He just came off one of his better games over the past few years. Copy this post and paste it here in a few weeks. It will probably be more appropriate at that point. :slight_smile:

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I believe he came off that game because it was Arizona . I’m pretty sure everyone will throw for 300 yards against them .

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Brees is nowhere the QB Stafford is. He throws to spots mostly on timing routes with talent all over the place, protection, a running game and a top offensive scheme. Notice the HC in NO and how aggressive he plays. Somehow they can always run and block, but players come and go in Detroit and the OL stinks. Reiff in Minny is doing fine, Warford in NO is doing fine. The Lions wanted to upgrade these guys and the only ones who can’t run or pass block are in Detroit. Hopefully Bevell will show he can actually scheme and get better.

I don’t want to rip on Bres, because that dude is a winner too. Both of these players are really good as dudes, as leaders, are prepared, and are very competitive.

Bres has been in that system for 15 years, and he’s got it down. When they bring in a new player, the entire rest of the team can help them along in learning terminology, expectations, what to do, and how, what they can count on others in the position groups for, etc. With Matt, he’s learning a new system every 3 years, trying to fill the roles with the right type of players for the new system, etc, etc, etc, Vets are learning right alongside FAs and rookies. There are lots of factors that go into this. That system is really good, when you have the right people to run it. Lambo came here, and tried to run it with our guys…terrible failure.

Last night, our OC (or Patricia, who I expect ordered up what he wanted), made the same horrendous mistake that Lambo did every game. Trying to run a certain type of system at the end of the game, while ignoring that we don’t have the personnel to just slam the ball up the middle in a predictable situation. Everyone in the country knew what we were trying to do, and while we may/may not prove to be able to run in mid game, we are not good enough to just run at will to kill the clock. We don’t have the guys to do it.

Watch this and tell me Stafford could do it.


Ok. This is just plain ridiculous.
You can’t be serious?
You would probably be the only person on the planet that would say this.


Not sure you fellas would consider this more touch or accuracy, but here’s video footage of Matt draining a full court shot on a basketball rim, with a football.

That was f-ing cool. But I saw Kickalicious do sh-t like that with his feet.

And if the rim were on a crossing pattern…air ball.

Nice deflection :wink:
Are you seeking truth, or are you looking to be right?
I don’t care either way, just a question to ask yourself.

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I was looking to be funny with the kickalicious video. He was a player for us.

I watched the thing on Instagram. You’re right, 10 times in a row just like Brees.

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Ahhh - didn’t pick that up. Lots gets lost in translation in text. Gotcha.
Seems weird that he never made someone’s roster. The stuff he was doing seems way harder than kicking FGs.

Those kind of trick shots are cool. I can watch them all day.

I also wonder why he never made a roster. Surely that are teams that could upgrade by signing him.

Even if he’s not crazy good from distance, he could pin teams DEEP if they positioned him right. Seems like he has some range too though (as a punter or a kicker).

I don’t want to rip on Brees or Stafford but a lot of teams change OC’s and HC’s every year and not all of them struggle.

Also, New Orleans puts lots of players through their system who are successful. Lombardi brings that offense here, it didn’t fail because our players didn’t fit the system.

I’m pretty sure you can put Brees in any offense and he’d make it look good. Brees made Lombardi look like a genius, Lombardi didn’t look like a genius here.

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2009 -2013, same system. 5 years. They only changed because he wasn’t all that good in yr 4 and 5.

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If you’re not familiar with Jrlions, he has a VERY inflated view of Stafford. Jr has said some crazy stuff in the past like Brady and Rodgers wish they had Stafford’s throwing ability. LOL


Thanks for the heads up. I guess some people you just take with a grain of salt.

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That is true about JRLions re: Stafford. Still it is one of the more absurd statements that he’s ever made.


Yeah, there are extremists on every subject. Hard to take them seriously.

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