Is the 5-2 the answer to running QB’s?

A 3-3-5 configuration. NT, two DT’s, Two wide LB’s, Mike and Nickel the middle field.

I picked up a tidbit today that we were using Branch as an on the line linebacker in some sets, making him the fifth guy.

Isn’t a 5-2 just a 3-4 with different marketing? Or is it a 4-3 when one of the linebackers is tired and puts his hand down?

They’re all basically the same nowadays. I mean not completely, but mostly. Every defense is some form of rushing 3, 4, 5, or 6. Where the extra guy comes from is about all that separates one team from the other. And even then most teams mix it up between fronts anyway.

It won’t take long for a defensive coordinator to figure out a defense. So far the top defense has been IR.