Is there a stat for preventing FG's and Extra points

Is there is a stat for preventing FG’s and Extra Points? The amount of kicks missed by the teams the Lions have played this year has got to be close to being a record. If not just missed, it has to be a record of teams hitting the goal post that we have played.

I’m starting to wonder if we are actually doing something to throw other teams off.

Quinn/Wood approved a turbo fan that bursts 50 mile an hour gusts on his " remodel" of FF last year. Closely guarded secret

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Doesn’t explain the kicks the Bears kicker missed in ChiTown.

It’s cloaked for away games. Top secret space program tech.

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Wasn’t there a rumor the Lions would open doors at the Silverdome that would affect kicks?

The refs may be on the opposition side, but, it appears we do have friends in high places!

Patricia hires a kid in the stands with a laser pointer. Just wait for “laser-gate”


Magnetic ball, metal goal post

There is a little truth to this, they did install new exhaust fans under the stadium that causes a cross wind when the bay doors are open for the busses and other vehicles and can be felt at times in the stands

Quinn and Patricia have brought the “Patriot Way”!

I’m not sure about that, but the Giants used to do it.