Is there any other way to look at this...?

This was a strange, covid plagued season in both the NFL and college. Only seeing Clemson, OSU and Bama battling it out, and then the Chiefs vs Brady made it feel semi normal.

With no certainty of the salary cap, no scouting combine, many players having fully opted out, some partially opting out, some teams playing full seasons, and others playing 5-6 games… holy hell is figuring FA and the draft gonna be tough.

Didn’t accepting the #4 QB off the board seem a bit Josh Rosen esque?


If Goff regains pro bowl form here, unlikely, but great he’s got 7-8 years left!!!

If he’s awful and our D takes a year improve, we likely draft top 5-6 again given our WR situation and D right?

If Stafford gets hurts and the Rams fail and go 7-9 they give us a top 10-11 pick in 22’?

There is no doubt we will have the ammo to trade up to top 2-3 picks in 22’ or 23’ if the Goff experiment fails. Either year we can likely combine both 1sts to target a QB.

Or draft 4 defensive studs and a top WR/RB


Pretty exciting time to be a Lions fan. Don’t know why but something feels different this time. Maybe it’s because we got insane value for an aging QB and dealt him where he wanted to go. Definitely a win for the Lions.

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For sure.

All the activity is exciting. This felt like the movie “draft day.” Every single day a new coach gets hired, or news breaks. Last 2 months

Chris Spielman- Lions royalty and a guy whose brother is a tenured GM decides to get involved. Now we have a “football guy” not an aristocrat interviewing the guys in charge of a football team

Holmes- a guy who played a key role in plugging all the holes made by Snead and McVays reckless approach to win now. He did it with minimal resources.

D Campbell- a motivating players coach who spent 8 plus years in pads! He was said to have any paralleled “network” of guys who would follow him…?


Aaron Glenn- a pro bowler in his day, secondary coach of a great defense with experience with young dbs

H Fraley- a familiar face to a unit that should stay mostly intact.

OC- Lynn- we got the chargers HC, a guy who had a winning record as a first time HC, to be our OC?

DB coach- we steal the guy who coached up the late round picks Holmes made for the Rams- the secondary coach from the leagues top D, is now our secondary coach with a fake job title to allow the move???

R Agnew- another former player and top pick, who evidently has a keen eye for talent to assist Holmes.

D Staley- Eagles RB who coached up B Scott and helped teach Sanders to block.

M Brunell- QB who has AFC Championship experience is our QB whisperer

Deleone- see chiefs and bears ILB play the last 3 years

Let’s not forget Dorsey- guy who drafted Rodgers, Mahomes, and Baker- none of those picks seemed conventional at the time.

This was all leading up til trying to get the #9 and Locke for Stafford, driving up the price and getting Goff and 2 firsts and a 3rd

These guys have been grinding. All day, all night.

These guys are working while others teams are in their offseason.

Notice we are hearing actual trade proposals etc. not the crickets of the Quintricia #3 pick debacle


Also I’m not so sure it is unlikely that Goff plays well for us. The Rams have been a much better team than Detroit, but they did not run the ball well the last 2 seasons (29th and 17th) and Goff still played pretty well. If the lions put a team around him it might work.