IS this all we got?

week to .week fire Quinn, Fire Patricia , let’s get a different QB than Stafford oh and

let’s not forget: “how bad Patricia sucks” ?

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Maybe we should plow some fresher soil…

Any thoughts on the Diggs trade?


It’s about the most depressing time since 2009 to be a Lions fan, Cub. There’s that and the draft, but if you can think of a better topic I’m ready!

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topic has been beat to death over the weeks -pass.

Yeah, Cub. If you don’t like the topics, then come-up with something new. Otherwise, you just have to sit back and enjoy.


We get to have another look at Travis Fulgham?
Replacing Jones.

Can we talk?:rofl:

Hi Canuckle, damn been a long ass time good to see you ! anyway to point: we could talk about the draft , free agency , IF Quinn -Pat are gone who can be an improvement in reality , we could talk about who we feel is certain to stay versus certain to be gone player-wise , we can discuss the best availiable DC and GM and HC candidates , talk about the ages of our players and because they are that age, they probably should be replaced/ with who? , new rules in place for 2020 season , what condition/state is our RB group , any fixes & what will we do if KJ keeps getting injured …IF he is gone who is equal or better-than him? , we can debate our O-line and secondary issues , about total cap the lions will have to work with in the offseason , about exciting new players that are rarely mentioned to be pointed out and discussed… I’m just tired of the : Quinn is a moron son of a bitch GM that can’t draft or Patricia : Fat , lazy, piss poor defensive guy that should be slinging burgers talk rinse repeat…

each day talk. :slightly_frowning_face:

what canuckle is saying wolf is that if you have something else worthy to talk about, then instead of complaining about the conversation, share with us your thoughts on other subjects and take the conversation somewhere else.

there’s not much worth discussing with this team at the moment with the garbage they’ve put out this year and it’s been trending downwards precipitously for the last two years.


Its been a really, really bad season so obviously things are a bit negative around here. Its closing on Xmas and we’ve had 1 win since September, so its understandable.


For everyone reading, I’ll have something special very soon that should brighten up the mood.

If I’m not recording a podcast tonight, I’ll try and make it happen.

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To answer the question. This does seem to be a Lions fans lot in life.
If we have to find something positive to talk about in December most years its, “well, 3 more weeks and it will be over.”

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But think of the poor fans that lose nail biters the next couple of weeks. Ones that cost them the playoffs, causing them to have lousy holidays. Since we’re out of it before Thanksgiving, our holidays are calm.


I ‘know’ what he meant. and offered up suggestions not demands, of some things we could focus on…

besides: “Qunn sucks !” “Fire Quinn!” “NO Patricia sucks !” " Fire Patricia ! " “Fire them both !”

Quinn is anything but White , Patricia is Fat, Lazy, Slob , POS DC, isn’t a HC , a loser , beard blah, blah…
“hey let’s get rid of Stafford for the110th time.” this season alone.

“Trust the Process”…

That’s positive…right?


Hi Dale , damn thought you wasn’t around anymore. Miss you up in here daily. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen/heard from you. don’t be a stranger bro.
I don’t back or trust Quinn Or Patricia, MP hasn’t been here long enough to fully own anything of his own “like” the defense, not as long as Paul P is DC. and I’ve seen very little improvement IF the needle moved at all on our defense.

that brings me to Quinn. He brought in some talent on both sides, the offense is churning BUT the defense is barely crawling. my biggest bitch with him is that means half the team is “good” while the other is dismal. your not winning chit with half a team functioning. and the wheels fell off the defense right away this season where ‘top ten’ was a pipe dream. he hit on just a few defensive players, but no difference-makers there that’s why we drown in our losses. He is on his last leg here for certain unless he pulls magic out his ass in the offseason. 2020 is going to be a defining season for Quinn. I blame Paul Pas fo most of our defense. his job title is DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR. IMO, Paul thinks his chit doesn’t stink and isn’t broken or over aged , and he refuses to change it OR listen to Patricia. my two cents.

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Well, we can all (Minus Iggy) root for Dallas to lose. There is always that. I know I am a Rams fan this week. :slight_smile:

Wolf, after the 24/7Sports site shut down, I’ve been popping in here, occasionally (not so much on game threads, because I’m not as emotionally vested, anymore…)
Plus, back in the day, we had largely respectful debates; now there’s too many trolls…


Totally agree
I think the lack of respectful dialogue turns off more people than moderators understand
“The rules” don’t disallow what is obviously disrespectful
“The rules” are so damn important
Not true. Ineffective rules reduce the quality of the board
That reduced quality feeds a downward spiral …
Change the damn rules!!!

right Dale , I think posters get caught up with who’s MORE right , the old “if you don’t agree with me then your a knuckle dragging , mouth breathing, troglodyte.” , “I’m smarter than you” schtik , each season our QB, HC, and GM sucks , fire everybody/ thing.