Is this worse than Charles Rogers bust?

Oh I thought he meant he IS the Achilles heel.

And this after the damage to his nutsack earlier in the game by his coach.

Can’t not feel bad for the guy.


Nah. Charles Rogers was a bust in life, not just football. Okudah is a bust though. Major bust.


Just want to point out that my namesake looked like an all pro today.

If only the Lions brass would have read this board

Oh my goodness that sucks.

Not Charles Rogers more Bryant Westbrook

All the best to him and hopefully it’s not that bad

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I was gonna post he’s got a very Westbrook vibe of being drafted too high along with never able to stay healthy…our final gift from Quinntricia.

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On a bad defense, he has stood out as our worst player. Can’t cover, doesn’t tackle, and looks lost.

Sorry, but this isnt a player that is going to get better.

I’ll say it - biggest bust in Lions history.

Holmes and Campbell coming in: “holy shit, these D backs and LB’s all need to be 100% gutted and replaced”, fucking yikes.

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Andre Ware.
Chuck Rogers

Competition for 3rd is wide open however with his performance thus far.


Ernie Simms? Taking him over ngata and tamba Hali.

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Yea… he’s done. Bust-O-Rama

Serious question… was he playing LB or S?

Rogers did more then Okudah has so far.

Really sad, anybody that knows football, probably knew Okudah was overrated in college. Couple that with the fact of his slow forty and evident stiffness, he was not the 3rd overall draft prospect imo.

At least Rogers came out and scored a few TDs. If not for those shoulder injuries I think the Lions get more out of Rogers. But I still wouldn’t put the bust label on Okudah. Let my Dad and oldest brother tell it Reggie Rogers is the biggest Lions bust ever

When you consider the slow 40 time, it’s no wonder Quinn fell in love with Okudah…lol


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Why do people keep saying “slow” 40 time. A 4.78 got a CB a 2nd round grade from Quinn. A 4.5 was olympic level speed on Quinn’s scale! BLAZING!!!

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Booze or Drugs?

Oddest thing about Okudah I still can’t figure out. Seems like he’s always sliding around, falling down, losing his footing. It’s strange. These CBs are supposed to be all-world athletes, but Jeff is all over the place. Then I thought back to the combine when he fell backwards in one of the drills and injured his neck and sat the rest of the day. Always thought that was an odd thing.

“Okudah jumped to catch a pass with the ball at his highest point. On the way down, Okudah stumbled awkwardly and his head hit the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium. He withdrew from the rest of the position drills.”

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