Is Tony Romo human?

Tony Romo makes a big prediction about the 2021 Patriots


“The AFC is going to be loaded,” Romo said on CBS just after the end of the AFC Championship Game on Sunday night. “I’m telling you, New England is going to be back in this thing. I have a feeling Belichick, with that much salary cap, they’ll find a way to come back in this thing.”

Look at the date on which Romo made this prediciton. 1/26/2021

Then the Patriots go and spend the 2nd MOST GUARANTEED money of All-Time in free agency, two months later.

8 minutes of Romo calling the plays before they happen. This guy is not human.

I respect Tony Romo a lot. So I googled “Tony Romo 2021 NFL Draft” to see if I could find any of his thoughts about this years rookie QB’s. The article above was one of the first links. I was blown away when I looked at the date, and then realized what happened with the Patriots in March. Thought I’d share…

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Tony is great but this one was easy to see and several people here predicted it. The Pats ate alot of dead money last year plus had covid opt outs. But they just bent over and took it instead of trying tricks to get around it. That led to a situation where they had something like $70M in free cap space going into this season.


Bill still won 7 games last year with Cam Newton and a roster mostly full of scrubs.

The Pats could be right back in the super bowl hunt the next couple seasons if they find a QB in this draft. That roster is now loaded after their insane free agency. They also have several starters returning who opted out last year. The defense will be a top 10 defense. All eyes on them as far as a trade up to get their QB in the next 55 hours.

54 hours

you could splice together 8 minutes of Romo calling plays and being wrong in the Chiefs Bills AFC Championship Game alone.

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Same QB as announcer.

Looks the part, acts the part. Sounds the part.

Crunch time? Falls apart

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