Is Trey Flowers Contract the Worst in Detroit Pro Sports History?

Maybe I’m forgetting someone but I can’t recall paying any player more and getting less production than this hot mess. Zimmerman from the Tigers was bad. Miggy’s contract was way too long but at least he was productive for a good chunk of it. I’ve barely noticed Flowers on the field (when he’s on the field) over the past few years. He looks like a guy playing for the league minimum. Can’t wait to get that albatross contract from around the Lion’s neck.

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I’ve got Scott Mitchell. A C/C+ backup getting starter pay.
Swilling was bad too.

Who else ya got, men?
Darko for the Pistons?

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Remember when the Pistons traded an in his prime Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson’s corpse, and then used the cap savings on Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva? Pepperidge Farms remembers, and sadly so do I.


Darko was a bad pick, but he had a rookie contract so not a horrible contract.

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No, and likely not even that close. Albert Haynesworth immediately comes to mind. Another one was Nick Foles after he won the Superbowl. He got over 20mil a year and 40+ mil in guarantees and don’t he even think he lasted to year 2.

I was pissed. Billups was my favorite player (not just because of his hairstyle either). That MF’r played so far above his talent level…just ridiculous how unpredictable he was with the hesitation dribble and clutch outside shooting. He often dominated people who were clearly superior athletes to him.


Someone didn’t pay attention to the assignment.


LOL - I’m guilty of that a lot too.

Ben Gordon Charlie V we’re horrible deals……

Ken Holland’s affinity to give everyone and their mom no trade clauses…….


Yea you are correct I missed the Detroit part. I don’t follow any Detroit sports team, but the Lions. As far as Lions history goes, I definitely think he has a case. He was solid in his first year, but not nearly worth the money. Since then he hasn’t even been that and has missed a ton of time.

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Dishonorable Mention: Charlie Batch became the highest paid QB in the NFL without having led the Lions to a playoff game and he was getting paid more than Super Boel winning QB Kurt Warner.

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Zimmerman far worse.
P Fielder would be at the top but DD managed to trade him

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Zimmerman was bad
Josh Smith was really bad.

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Gary Sheffield

Oooh I have a good one.

I don’t know how much he made, but Matt Millen’s second contract has to be among the worst in any sport anywhere. Signing a TV analyst with no prior experience in running a team to be the GM was a bad idea. But signing him to a second contract, after years of watching him screw up over and over again? Completely indefensible.


I think we traded for him

The Tigers agreed to add 2 years onto his Yankees deal that was ending. Only way he would be traded.

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It wasn’t the worse. Zimmerman was pretty bad

def not the worst. Was just giving my example. Zimmerman’s has to be the worst ever. Flowers at least did something when he played. Zimmerman straight stole 100m from the Tigers.

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He’s been a bad signing for sure . He’s a good guy, and works hard, but not worth what we paid him. I feel like Quinn overpaid for a culture signing, and now its even worse because we’re trying to play him as an EDGE rusher in the new scheme.