Is Wagner still an option?

With the recent signings of FA who seem to be buying into Detroit….(which is hilarious when thinking what Micah Parsons said a few weeks ago) Could Wagner still be a potential option on a 1 year or short term deal? Yea I’m sure Dallas and other places are options that could offer more money but with the popularity of 1 year deals that some older defensive guys have been doing lately like Suh, would there be interest on either side while drafting BPA while also having vets teaching the younger guys coming up…

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I don’t think so. Too much $$$ tied up at that position, now.


@FlyingRabbit you can get him at 2 for 14, and word it “accordingly” to be a non-issue on the books. Go get him. He’s a MCDC type of guy. Everyone says “oh nobody will sign for less to come here”. How’s that mantra working out?

I don’t see it happening. This staff will not invest heavily into the position. Paying Anzelone big bucks may prove to be a big mistake if Wagner goes for near the same.
I’m not really sure how Wagner, Anzalone, Rodrigo coexist in this DEF.


Can’t pay another linebacker after giving anzalone that contract. So many of the FAs are connected and looking up to anzalone. It’d be a dick move and it’s be too jarring of a move/disrupt the culture building. Where woul he even play? Would he play will? Sim he wear the green dot?

We gotta draft our own bobby wagner.

Enough mercenaries for now. We need to grow our own.


I’d love to plug Wagner in, but imo, they’re gonna draft an LB to play and groom from the get go instead. If it were up to me, I’d sign Wagner AND draft a starting caliber LB…having a rotation of Wagner, Analzone, Rodrigo, rookie (say Campbell or Sewell) , and Barnes, would be off the chain. I get the concern some have of “how can Wagner and Analzone be on the field at the same time?”…but I’m sure the staff could figure it out if they really wanted to.

I’d personally take the better player.

If you notice the pickups in free agency you will notice most are in mid twenties. Do you see the trend?

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