Is Will Harris viable?

I was looking at some info on Will and was surprised to see this take…

I hated this draft pick…just a MEH safety. Doesn’t do anything exceptional. Didn’t like him as a prospect either. I guess decent backup? At least with Walker he has the physicality to be something special with proper coaching. Harris not so much

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Harris is still on the team ? Now, that’s a surprise.

Harris is an exceptional athlete and a bad football player. He’s big, long, fast and agile. He has absolutely no feel for playing safety, taking angles, making plays on the ball, etc. I don’t understand how anyone that watched him in college and even coached on the team (Paul pasqualoni) could think he’d make the leap and be a good pro.

The thing they’ll have to figure out with Harris is why can’t he take his 4.41 speed and 35" vert as a safety and turn it into something productive. Million dollar question for so many prospects. He’s got the measurables, but his instincts seem to be off. If were lucky good coaches can turn him around.

I wonder if he’s one of the players Campbell was referencing when he said our guys seemed to be thinking way too much.


I think he can be counted on as our #3 in the box Safety that can also play a light Nickle formation in passing situations. If Marlow can take over at SS, Walker at FS then Ok I guess. We aren’t going to fix all position groups and since we failed to land John Johnson in FA and did not draft one high, then it looks like will struggle a bit at the position, unless we are able to pull a magic bean between now and September.

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I didn’t like this pick either - was hoping we would select Winovich there. In fact, this whole draft was forgettable, the only pick I really liked was AmariO. You have to give Harris one more year under the new coaches to see if he can be more productive. But to me, it seems like he has bad instincts, which is hard to reverse.

Hadn’t thought of him, but that makes sense. I thought the comment was aimed at Davis and Okudah, but you’re right, it could extend to Harris and even Walker.

Who knows. With the previous regime we just don’t know what we have in the secondary. I expect getting out from under MP will help Harris and every other defender.


Harris has shown me nothing that makes me think he’s a viable option. He’s going to need to step up his game.

I also think Walker is in a prove it year.

Hopefully Harris is motivated and willing to learn from the new coaches in Aaron Glenn and Pleasant now. Both are very experienced in working with young DB’s and both have led solid secondary groups with the Saints and Rams.

Harris at least has some speed and athletic ability, so I’m not ready to give up on him yet. At the very least, he could be a backup safety and a special teamer. Whereas someone like Tavai is simply too slow and has no chance to be successful in the modern nfl regardless of being coached up or not.

He potentially could have been a victim of the read and react philosophy of Patricia’s defense like everyone else. He’s a very good athlete which this regime values. We’ll see if he’s better in this one-gap, attacking style 3-4 scheme. Maybe he’ll play more downhill. Fingers crossed.

Have you even looked at his stats last two seasons…what does he have to prove…other than past staff miss used him many times.
Almost 200 tackles or helpers…12 passes defended an one INT…one sack…We all know what D looked like he was not the fault…I hope he plays like he did last two years that is enough proof an we resign him…He played very well under the mess we all saw.

Difficult to defend or get INTs when the DLine is letting QB have so much time to pass

Yes I have Yote. Have you looked at his coverage grades? Last year his coverage grade was 51. Thats god awful and that’s why he got benched for a bit.

He’s been a below average starter and been inconsistent too. He’s in the final year of his contract and I don’t think he’s a lock to come back… He has a lot to prove this season if he wants an extension.

With that said … I thought he looked better in 2019 than in 2020. Last year Matt P. asked Walker to take more snaps in the box and he struggled with it. He’s better suited playing deep zone. I suspect this year we ask him to play more like a FS.

But he struggled last year and another year like that and he won’t be back.

I think that “instincts” is just code for being good at playing football. Guys like will Harris can’t play football. He can run and Jump out of the gym… but maybe he should have taken up a different sport.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Harris went the way of Kerryon Johnson…