Is WR in the 3rd possible?

When we got Amon Ra in the 4th it really seemed like this was a guy that they had targeted, a guy that they were almost giddy to get. It’s obvious at this point that production vs where he was picked makes him one of the real steals of the draft. Although this draft isn’t as loaded as last years, I think if they have someone in mind they could very well wait again. Our first pick in the 3rd would land us a WR that is ranked 11th or beyond if it follows recent drafts, is that too far with this years class to find their player? I could see them going D with the first 3 picks, DE LB and Safety. I could see them targeting a FA WR for a #1. Or, they could be good w/o having a true #1, that IS a possibility.

If they spread the ball around how bad do you need a #1? We have a RB who can catch and run, a TE who is at the very least a chain mover. Amon RA is the real deal. The fact that they made no real attempt to start this season with any serious consideration at WR makes me believe that they may simply wait again. My 2 cents.

For sure it is. There’s plenty of ways to build a WR corps. For years the Vikings counted on a 5th rounder (Diggs) and a UDFA (Thielen). Rams came into the year relying on a guy they signed for a reasonable price in FA (Woods) and a 3rd rounder (Kupp). The Chiefs have Tyreek (5th rounder) and Kelce (3rd) and they also drafted Hardman in the late 2nd, but he hasn’t panned out. The Packers and Saints have relied on 2nd rounders (Adams & Thomas) plus cheap scrubs for awhile now.

Of course it’s also just as possible we draft one in the 1st, and that would be fine too as long as he’s at the top of our board.

Quinn thought it was like Obama said “corpse.” :wink:

I actually DO see Brad continually landing WRs like that and developing and cutting really great players. I think we need an elite guy with HR ability. People talk about Herman more, but I’d prefer a more committed Golliday. Herman was always playing against a defense that was stacked against the run, and faced a ton of man coverage with DBs who are 5 ft 3 (joking, but you know what I mean).

I’d love a Golliday II, sort of pick. I’d also love an elite speed. #TrustHolmes

I prefer we get a surefire slam dunk #1 WR this year.

To me speed will really help our offense more than anything else. Someone who holds the safeties back and keeps linebacker heads on a swivel. Golladay was successful down the field, but generally because he was single-covered.

It’s why a guy like Jameson Williams intrigues me, though I have to admit he makes the most nervous of the top guys too. High ceiling, low floor.

Of course I’d still take a guy like Golladay (Burks or London), I just think we’d still need to add the speed/explosive element. I don’t know that Wandale will work since he plays pretty much the same position as St. Brown, and I doubt Calvin Austin can survive outside of the slot either.

Man after watching yesterday and seeing our defense get pushed around like children I would hate to see any high draft picks on offense. We need two linebackers, two DEs, two CBs and two Safeties. There’s no level of this defense that is properly manned

The offense has the foundation to be good already. Solid talent on the Oline, PB TE, a rookie WR who will be in the top ten for rookie receptions ever, a good stable of running backs. And a former number one overall QB who has shown to be competent when he has some pieces in place

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Maybe Pickens will be there still in the 3rd he’s recovering from an acl but had no 1 star wr potential before the injury

Completely agree. I want a tough guy that shoves smaller DBs in the face too. LOL.

As we get closer to draft, I’ll learn a ton from the WR videos and breakdowns you guys post. I don’t watch near as much NCAA ball as you guys do.