Isaiah Wilson cut by Miami

Worth a look? He sure can move for a big man.

Isaiah Wilson’s highlights- Miami

But wait, there’s more

Highest of highlights

Wish I had the physical talent of these guys, I’d be retired by now.

Guy doesn’t seem to get the concept of personal responsibility… unless this is all some ploy to get an NFL check, guaranteed cash, and flame out immediately…

Worth a chance jump on him

How did you do that? Tried to figure out how to embed the video.

What’s your work ethic like ?

For the Nik plsyers really successful
They put in the work

As a first round pick

Isaiah could probably afford to retire right now
If he’s good with money

The BQ MP way
Or MFF way ? That was a short unsuccessful ownership run

I kid !

What money? By cutting Wilson, I think Tennessee recouped his pay, then traded to Miami who cut him 3 days later. Don’t quote me, but pretty sure there are measures in place that protect the teams in situations like this.

For Twitter or YouTube, you just copy the link then paste it. The site does the rest. At least that’s how it works for me.

I did that as well, it posted like 4 lines of link address, so I changed the name of the hyperlink.

How much you think he’s been paid vs had to return ?

I was wrong, I downloaded the link then inserted

This explains a little, but additional information would be beneficial. All salary guarantees voided, only played 3 snaps in Tennessee, season ended early so he could deal with “personal issues.”

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Tennessee was set to pay Wilson $2.6 million this season had he stayed, but will now have to pay out $4.4 million in dead money (his guaranteed bonus money), leaving

I couldn’t find how much he’s been paid or how much they took back

The nfl has a really poor method of talent development and scouting

The NCAA doesn’t train these guys for pro ball proven by number of busts and millions spent on bad pros.

He had a pretty big chunk of money guaranteed–$11M. Given that the Titans traded him, rather than released him, I don’t think they can recoup any of it.

Or, maybe not:

“since Wilson’s antics in Nashville voided all of his salary guarantees…”

Get swift on the phone with him and tell him to get his big ass to the D and start acting like an NFL Player.


He’ll be subject to the waiver system, we are 7th in line.

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Too bad but…