It is Sheila's and Rod Wood's responsibility to do something about the constant screw-jobs

The franchise needs to stand up for itself. This isn’t just bad officiating, because it all goes one way.

I thought the Lions could embarrass the NFL by calling attention to it every time it happens in their press conferences, showing and releasing videos, etc. The NFL might fine them, who gives a shit? Stop fucking us over and it will stop. How’s that?

But no, Campbell and Holmes need to focus on the team and what is in their control week by week. It is a consistent screwing of the Lions organization, and the organization needs to respond from the top.

I’m still annoyed by Jim Caldwell’s “good NFL company man” response to these repeated bonings. The word “cuckold” comes to mind.

To be honest, the time for this sort of loud, embarrass-the-NFL organizational response was after the thievery by the officials for Erin at Lambeau on Monday Night.

You can say it would be pointless. But I’m not sure the rest of the country is aware of the bias against the Lions; they just don’t give us a thought. When The Process happened, when the Seahawks tipped ball out of the end zone happened; when the Samkon Gado “invent a way to not let the Lions take the lead” 15-minute refs meeting happened; when the phantom facemask of Rodgers happened before the Hail Mary; when the picked-up flag happened in the Dallas playoff game, people reacted, the media reacted, social media reacted. And then … nothing. Back to the same. Until the next time, Detroit.

In some way, let them know it’s not OK. Or you’re saying it is.


Yes, all the way to the bank. This is a money making machine. You may have to take a little asswhoopin but you do get a huge profit when it’s all said and done

They could try that.

Or they could do something they actually have complete control over and tell their coaching staff that if they ever rush three when the opposition is trying to convert a fourth down to get into field goal range, they’re all fired.

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Have to agree, time for staying quiet has passed. Time to go all Jerry Jones on them.

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They don’t fucking care. If we stopped going to games stop watching the game. They lose money. Till we stop being dumb they won’t do shit.


I agree man. enough is enough

Champion for getting fucked by the refs the most in history. Hell yes

Awww, you think Sheila and Rod care about us poors? Fans keep buying tickets and jerseys and $12 shitty beers…suckers. Tell ya what, if this newest regime doesnt work out, well…hopefully the fanbase finally rebels at that point and Ford Field is empty every game. I’m giving this new staff/GM a chance, but it’s still a short leash of 3 years max to turn this shit around…but as far as Sheila and fam go, they lost me when they allowed Bob to draft a CB #3OA 2 years ago when she KNEW she was gonna fire them…Sheila.and fam get no more benefit from me.

I will say, IF Sheila were to publicly lambast the NFL for their officiating, then that would go a long way with the fanbase…but that would require them to relate to us poors.

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It’s Sheila’s job to hire competent people at the top of the organization. Her family before her didn’t do so. That’s why Sterling Sharp got behind the defense for a wide open TD while Favre was running for his life and tossed up a prayer.

It’s why Scott Mitchell threw 5 int’s in Philly. Why the Lions only scored 3 pts after the 1st quarter in Dallas & couldn’t get off the field on 3rd & 4Th down in the 4Th quarter. It’s why they decided to not cover anyone on a 67 yard Hail Mary. The same thing happened today on a 4th and 16. Bad coaching and bad play are the biggest factor.