It’s not on Goff, Ben, or Money Badger…. Move on!

We were expected to be a bottom half team, and the Bills top 2-3 overall when we kicked off week one

When we looked at this game 12 weeks ago… did anyone see us losing by a last minute FG?

If so… how about with no Jamo, no Hock, and down to TWO 3rd string OGs…. No Paschal, Harris, or Okudah-

What about Goff being 13 points in QB rating better than Allen….

We dropped balls, missed on throws, had bad reads, had bad calls, but so did they…

It’s was a great game against a great team. Move on


Can’t do that, gotta blame DC!! Anyone that’s not a slappie knows that! Why can’t you admit that?!:laughing::laughing:

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If I don’t trek out and blame the coach for losing ot eat best team I football…what should I do? Where should I put all of my anger that I usually displace onto the lions?

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