It’s the Lions...thats what they do

So a couple things…

The Lions are still the Lions. Whenever they have us thinking they are contenders they shit the bed in spectular fashion.

Then when we have written them off they string off a win or two to just keep that carrot in view

They should change their names to the Detroit Unicorns because on occasion they leap from the woods and wave their mane around. And just when you get close enough…they vanish back into darkness

True to this pattern I think the Lions are going to beat the Bears. We all think they are a dumpster fire right now and rightfully so, but don’t be surprised if the unicorn leaps into the clearing to give us hollow hope once again

Also with this criticism of Stafford lately. What effect will it have? It’s his team and they are going to feed off of his energy. Remember back in the day when Randy Moss had a few dog games in a row with Vikings and they looked bad…the media got on his case in the runup to playing the Lions (of course) and he came out and single-handedly destroyed us

Can Stafford harness this criticism into a performance that silences his critics for a minute?

I predict we slap the Bears around 32-17. Besides all the above reasons I think we will win because it’s the Bears. And fuck them. That’s why

Yeah, but then that means they’re going to give us hope again. And then we’ll get our ass kicked against Carolina. In any event, it just means that I’ll have less rum than if I had just gone into the game with low expectations.

Stop playing with my emotions.


Inverse alcohol/hope relationship…iiiinteresting.

If it turns out to be truly SOL you are right we will beat the Bears this Sunday. But in true Lions fashion we will turn around and also beat the Panthers the following week to even up our record and totally get the fan base back into thinking here we go. Then we’ll lose a stupid game like Thanksgiving or Buffalo or something like that and totally put the dagger in one side and out the other


I don’t see this team getting another divisional win. Not that I think the bears are that good, it’s more of how bad the Lions are. We can’t run the ball and we can’t stop the run. On the flip side is a bears team that does both extremely well. Yes there’s always a chance for a win but I just don’t see it.

I don’t believe the team is on the same emotional roller coaster we are. They have another 8 games to go and the grind is the same whether they are winning or losing. I trust that Patricia will keep them working and get them dialed in on improving their technic and execution. Now, is that going to translate into a win tomorrow? I don’t know. Chicago is favored and should be.

You have more faith than I do and I’m usually optimistic.

But …

This team laid down last week. Not one time under Caldwell did I feel that the team laid down. I fear Patricia has lost the team.

In the last week we traded Tate, dumped former 2nd round pick AA, and fired our ST coach. Robinson lost it towards the media twice. He’s probably going to blow up during th game and get ejected. This looks like a team that’s on edge. I fear that we’re about to implode.

Mack is back just in time to crush Stafford. He will probably knock him out for the year. Stafford doesn’t look happy. There’s something off about him. He could just say screw it!!

I am very worried that Patricia may have lost this team already.

I think we continue to under achieve this week. Lions 3 - Bears 37.

I hear you, but I just don’t think it’s as dramatic behind the scenes as we get the impression it is. I also think the idea of Patricia losing the team is residual confusion started by Carlos the troll.

Stafford say “screw it”? C’mon. I can understand being worried about what’s going on there, but there are a few things we should know, despite the funk… One is that Stafford, if anything, will try too hard, not say screw it.

I am partly being sarcastic and over reacting a little on purpose but god this team looks lost.

They seriously looked like they packed it in against Sea and Min.

The team that played NE and Mia looked like a difrent team than the one that played the NYJ, SEA and Min.

At one point our OL was ranked #1 in pass protection. Then they give up 10 sacks in one game. That’s a huge swing in consistency.

Something is a miss. The huge swings in play and attitude make me wonder if it’s coaching. Or confusion or just plain poor scheming. Something definitely off about this team.

Is there a doctor in the house?:rofl: