It’s time, poll time. #3 RB

Who do you want as RB3

  • Craig Reynolds
  • Mo Ibrahim
  • Jemar Jefferson
  • Justin Jackson - resign

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Just when I thought you were getting out of the polling business, you go and do something like this and totally redeem yourself!



My Man ^
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Whoever they pick.

I want to see Mo in camp before I answer.
Take him out of the equation, and I’d vote for Jackson.
The thing is, Reynolds, Jackson, and Jefferson have all been injured in very limited playing time.
It makes me want to bet on Ibrahim.


Heck of a take!! Very good analysis. You deserve a 15% IPA for that one! :wink:


Sadly, no beer.
Bourbon on the other hand…well

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I would love to see Mo win it. But Craig does deserve a shot.
Whoever wins the TC and Preseason battle is good with me! (Voted Mo)

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Mo ran for over 1,600 yards and 20 touchdowns vs. Big 10 competition one year removed from an Achilles tear.

Holy crap.

Interested to see what he can do in the NFL. He’ll be running behind a stud OL, which will help mitigate his lack of speed. I’d put him at the top of the list for now.


I voted Justin Jackson only because I think his skill set fits best with what we need for depth


On practice squad can all get called up 3 times that’s 9 games if something happens to DMONT

Might have to keep Mo to start the season tho so nobody claims him the try and sneak him on later?


If you included Justin Jackson why not include the other FA RB’s on the market?


Uh oh here we go again lol

Justin Jackson was on our team last year and he’s still available that’s the reasoning


Was surprised we did not bring Justin back. I thought he was our 3rd best RB last year behind Swift and Williams. He was also a solid return guy. I would vote for him with Reynolds next. BUT without Jackson (since Gibby and Montgomery are both similar but better) I would think Reynolds or Mo because they are more power.


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  1. Gallup
  2. Quinnipiac
  3. Rasmussen
  4. Trafalgar
  5. Jman
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Looks like a 2 way race
Craig vs Mo

I have never understood the fascinatino with Justin Jackson.

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Same reason we liked Theo Riddick as the #3

4.5 yards per carry
9 yards per catch

Pass catching RB replacement for Swift last year and insurance for Gibby this year

Pretty decent KR too

Doesn’t seem the staff agrees with me though nor does the den based off the poll so far

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I voted for Jackson fwiw. he’s slippery.

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