It was nice knowing you all

I don’t want to overreact, but the Lions winning on a mistake by an opposing kicker is a clear sign of the impending apocalypse. Forget about draft position and repent because the end is nigh.


Yeah, there is definitely an iceberg in our path or something.


We have a new Good Luck Baby.

That’s all we need.
THat, and J-Moss to get healthy


When they first moved the extra point back, Justin Tucker said those were the type of extra points that would be missed more frequently. Its the ones where the kicker isn’t sitting on the sideline warming up because a field goal at that moment is unlikely. He said really long touchdowns and pick 6’s would lead to the most missed extra points. Tucker said he remembers several extra points he’s had over the years in those situations where he hit the ball like shit and would have missed from 33 yards…but the old extra point line saved him.

It was 3rd and 2 backed up to their own 33 yard line. There was no reason for the kicker to be warming up at that moment. Then BOOM, he’s gotta kick a 33 yarder. I wasn’t surprised that he missed it. However, I am surprised that we didn’t come back and miss our own extra point to even it up. I am used to us doing that garbage, so it was a pleasant surprise that we didn’t.


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That’s why I was always impressed with Jason Hanson because he would sit on the sidelines and continually practice.


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I hate being this guy because I don’t believe in the Lions, especially this year.

But… if they just pulled that Vikings game off which they should have won… They’d be 4-5, 2nd in the division with a winning record over the Division opponents. Not saying it’s all cheeky but there would be a different tone here and amongst all fans.

Idk, I’m sick of “draft position” how about we learn how to win as a coaching staff/team. The team can draft players all over the first three rounds if they’re any good at your job in the NFL.