It will be interesting to see if Okudah gets the Ebron treatment from fans

There is very little doubt that Okudah is going to get torched this year if he plays. 10th overall pick Ebron was a target of Lions fans starting in his first year… and 3rd overall pick Okudahs impact will be even less than Ebrons as a rookie. I think Lions fans will give him some slack unless he shoots his mouth off like Ebron. I hope the kid can contribute and won’t be the worst Lions first round pick since Mike Williams… but I don’t see it happening.

My prediction: Lions fans will give Okudah and Quinn a pass because Okudah is a “high character, hard worker, student of the game” unlike EE was.

What are your expectations for Okudah?


I expect him to be the day 1 starter opposite of Trufant but the reality is he probably will not be.

The weird off season excuses aside, I think he’s gonna have a not so welcome to the NFL being a rookie CB.

I think he will be a great player in another year or two but the problem is when you’re picked at 3 you’re expected to be a solid player from the get go!

Hopefully I’m wrong and by mid season he’s playing at a high level…

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I predict no mercy from anybody that didn’t want him and patience by those that were okay with the pick.

We all see what we want to see because we vest so much in our own opinion.


It always tickles me when people say this, particularly the ones that think its a wasted pick if the kid isn’t a starter and a stud from game #1, they won’t even give the kid until later in his first season to get his legs under him. Like…what history are they looking at to determine this?


I’m just a fan. Rooting for our dudes. Because of the position he plays, he probably won’t have a great rookie season. Love his attitude, effort, durability, etc.

I think he’ll be a good one. Likely take a year or 2 to season.

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Let’s look at the top 10s from recent years:


  1. Kyler Murray- Serviceable from day 1.
  2. Nick Bosa- Day 1 stud
  3. Q Williams- Major disappointment. Immature player.
  4. Clenin Ferrel- Improved as season went on. Serviceable by end of season, non factor at the start.
  5. Devin White- Serviceable player from day 1.
  6. Danny Dimes- Surprisingly decent.
  7. Josh Allen- Day 1 stud.
  8. Hockenson
  9. Ed Oliver- Day 1 stud
  10. Devin Bush- Day 1 stud.


  1. Mayfield- Not great day 1. Still not good.
  2. Barkley- Day 1 stud.
  3. Darnold- Lit up the Lions day 1, but not very good.
  4. Denzel Ward- First year pro bowl.
  5. Bradley Chubb- Injured after 4 games in rookie year, but day 1 stud.
    6)Quinton Nelson- Day 1 stud.
  6. Josh Allen QB- I believe he is a stud… and contributed early. Others can think what they want.
  7. Roquan Smith- Day 1 stud.
  8. Mike McGlinchey- Day 1 starter and played well.
  9. Josh Rosen- Bust.


  1. Myles Garrett- Day 1 stud.
  2. Trubisky- Terrible.
  3. Solomon Thomas- Terrible.
  4. Fournette- Day 1 stud for Jax.
  5. Corey Davis- Did nothing.
  6. Jamal Adams- Day 1 stud.
  7. Mike Williams- Did nothing as a rookie.
  8. Mccaffrey- Day 1 stud.
  9. John Ross- Bust.
  10. Mahomes- Sat rookie year.

Over half in 2016 top 10 were day 1 studs too… History does indicate that the best players usually will start fast in this league.

Ebron was lazy, mouthy, and soft. That’s why I despised him. Okudah doesn’t fit that description.


Recent DBs taken high in the draft:

Denzel Ward 4th OA 2018: Pro Bowl rookie year, All rookie team.
Minkah Fitzpatrick 11 OA 2018: Day 1 starter, 2nd year was a first team all pro.
Derwin James 17 OA 2018: First team all pro in his rookie year.
Jaire Alexander 18 OA CB 2018: Major contributor first year.

Jamal Adams 6th OA: 2nd team all pro in rookie year.
Marshon Lattimore 11 OA: Defensive rookie of the year, pro bowler in rookie year.
Malik Hooker 15 OA: 3 picks in 7 games as a rookie before tearing ACL.
Marlon Humphrey 16 OA: Contributed first season. Started 5 games. 2019 pro bowler.
Adoree Jackson 18 OA: Jackson finished his rookie season with 70 tackles, three forced fumbles, 17 pass deflections, 868 return yards, and 55 rushing yards.

Jalen Ramsey 5 OA: Day 1 starter as rookie. Graded out as 21st best CB in the league in his rookie year. 1st team all pro year 2.
Eli Apple 10 OA: Bust
V Heargraves 11OA: bust
Karl Joseph 14 OA: Bust
Keanu Neal 17 OA: Day 1 starter. 5 FF his rookie year. 2nd year was a pro bowler.

This is the bar for all DBs taken 18 or higher from 2019-2016. Stop trying to lower it. It is what it is. Oh yeah… all 3 taken 6th or higher were day 1 STUDS.


How did you distinguish mike Williams as the worst lol. I’m not saying he wasn’t, but that’s like trying to pick the smelliest turd.

16 of 21 for 198 yards 2 TDs and a pick 6


Yes. The youngest QB to ever start since the AFL- NFL merger. I would consider completing 76% of your passes, for a 117 passer rating, in a 48-17 road, primetime win “lighting the Lions up”. Yes, I am “grading him on a curve” because going 198 2/1 really isn’t “lighting the Lions up” without having to ADD context.

But keep deflecting from the fact that you are way off base on your original comment, which I clearly showed

Exactly. Thanks for playing.

This says it all. These top 10 picked DB’s…you know early if they are going to be great.

If Okudah doesn’t noticeably outplay Amani this year that will raise some flags. Amani is what maybe a top 60 CB in the league?

If the top 3 pick in the draft can’t outplay him…holy crap that’s scary. People can say scheme all they want…but Okudah was built in a lab for this scheme. No reason he shouldn’t be expected to excel right away.

I’m all about giving him some time to be great…but if he totally craps the bed this year…I’m afraid he likely isn’t going to give us the return on investment we are expecting from the 3OA pick.

I’m rooting for the guy. Seems like a great kid.

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Even when Slay was getting torched, he was sticking to his man like glue and you could see the tremendous athleticism he had. He just had trouble locating and playing the football, so he was like 0/100 on what were supposed to be 50/50 balls. LOL

DBs in recent years have been learning alot faster than in the past. I’m going to credit technology for that, and the ability to see a crazy amount of plays in minutes rather than fooling around with VHS tape and DVDs and such. I remember Jason Taylor said a few years ago that he could walk into the Miami facility tomorrow and have a good grasp on exactly what the teams next opponents like to do on 3rd and short within 20 minutes, because that kind of stuff is all filed now and you can recall anything you want at the push of a button.

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Yep. We could all see it with Slay. He was noticeably very good…just lacking the cake at the end sometimes. I’m sure Okudah will do fine. It’s just…he’s the number 3 OA pick…people are gonna want results early :slight_smile:

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This is so , not because you can remotely back it up but because you apparently …just say so .

My prediction is you will be wrong yet again .

Pick #3 is not about immediate impact . Pick #3 is about getting a foundation piece, if immediate impact is also achieved it’s a bonus.

You want immediate impact, that is your standard, yet at #3 the only person worthy according to you was Tua…

Comparing what others have done in Rookie Seasons to Okudah is a fair assessment or like/equal situations? That is nonsense and you know it .
These are not even slightly like situations for this 2020 Draft Class as a whole .
If Ruggs shit’s the bed in 2020 but lights it up in 2021 it was a bad pick ?

Immediate impact is the Goal …If Hockenson was Kelce like in 2019 would we have been a playoff team?..

When Saquan Barkley was selected and was stellar along with other early RB’s you changed your tune to but they don’t help them win …which is is it ?

Immediate impact = Value, Wins= Value , Long term second /3rd Contracts earned =Value…or True foundation pieces ? Slay was here , a top level player at CB for 7 years was he better selection than Ansah was ?

This is exactly how I look at it. Every year when fans freak out because a certain player isn’t starting the season opener or will take a little time to get up to speed I get a chuckle out of it.

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I’m sure the same ridiculous posters who are basically labelling Hockenson a bust will label Okudah a bust if he doesn’t meet their lofty expectations without realising that the NFL is a very hard league for rookies, especially corners, to succeed in right away.

Maybe it’s me making excuses in advance but I never expected Okudah (or Hockenson for that matter) to make a big impact in Year 1 and when you add in the COVID offseason with limited training camps and no preseason, it’s going to be even more unforgiving for rookies so expectations for this season should be greatly limited IMO. If he’s a quality starter by the end of the season, that should be acceptable for a rookie season under these circumstances.

Ebrons results were on him and him alone. Drops, poor blocking, he never lived up to the job description. Okudah might very well be up to the task but gets flamed because the QB has all day to pass. If we don’t get pressure on the opposing QB he’s going to have an impossible task that people will still measure just him when the results are in.

Did you completely gloss over the fact that most highly drafted DBs do succeed right away…?