It's all about Erin Rodgers

Man I wish that POS was still in GB wrecking havoc on the organization.

For years, I wished he was gone, now I wish he never left.


Did he have a psychotic break or something? He’s always been different but the last two years or so the antics are so damn extreme. Not this particular issue but just in general.


Apparently Rodgers was there for the mandatory physical and media day sessions. He also apparently advised Selah that there was an event that was important to him and that he would not be able to attend the 2-day mini camp activities. Rodgers was also apparently present for the 3-weeks of the voluntary OTA activities.

Selah doesn’t seem upset about Rodgers absence and even commented that Rodgers did give him advance warning that he wouldn’t be able to attend.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. I can definitely think of a few things that I would prioritize over work if a conflict arose.


I wanted him to stay too.

Very close to my exact thoughts. He had GB by the balls. Why couldn’t KAaron have squeezed a little harder and longer? He obviously had it in him.

Oh, well. Dan is a proponent of competition and it looks like the CheezWhiz could be that for us and spur us to greater heights. It could well turn out like the early 60s in reverse, with the Lions being a roadblock to Packer dreams.

I’m still scarred by being relegated to (and winning) the Runner-Up Bowl for 3 years in a row.

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Arod lives rent free here

No mention of Hassan Reddick who is also missing football because he has somewhere else he would rather be

Hmm :thinking:

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I’m sure Hassan Reddick missing camp stories really drive engagement.

Let’s not lose track of the ball here. Aaron in part gets a ridiculous amount of attention bc he has sought out a ridiculous amount of attention. The idea that we’re supposed to pretend that he’s now unfairly under the microscope is IMO complete and utter baloney.

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100% disagree with this statement above ^

Sought out attention lol

Aaron lives rent free here for sure


Are you serious? Explain the McAfee appearances for example. And the outlandish things he would then say on them. Aaron is a smart guy. He knew damn well that would elevate him in the news cycle.

If you don’t think that Aaron loves attention and has made efforts to stay front and center in the American zeitgeist even when not playing then we have a totally different understanding of human behavior and psychology.


I dont really care either way but i could argue his demeanor both on and off the field and his ongoing platform with Pat McAfee does provide some indication that he has sought attention.

Regardless, it doesnt really matter because the media uses him just as much if not way more to drive clicks.

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I’m very happy not thinking about him much at all!

It shouldn’t even be an argument. It’s incredibly obvious.

Yep. He’s a diva, plain and simple.

It will be interesting to see how he plays this year. He still has the talent to be a great complement to that Jets D, he’s got some weapons. Unfortunately for Jets fans, he also has the potential to send the team into a spiral, especially if he starts getting knocked around. He’s not above throwing teammates under the bus.

Yes we do completely

The guy that drinks ayahuasca and goes on darkness retreats to unplug from society and get spiritual is “seeking attention”

Those damn Native Americans were some real attention seekers too

The guy that beats to his own drum…is labeled as demanding attention.

We really are in 1984

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Totally. When those indigenous shaman go on McAfee they are totally seeking attention too. Good segments though.

I’m struggling to follow you here. Are you saying that being an attention seeker and being spiritual and/or taking psychedelics are mutually exclusive?

The fad of labeling everything under the sun Orwellian is so overdone. There is nothing particularly 1984ish about an incredibly famous attention seeking diva getting a lot of attention.


Again disagree 100%

That Pat McAfee is the devil !!!

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Mnnmmnmmm - lamb fries!

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I’m by no means a McAfee guy. I reserve my truck stop visits for road trips.


Well for once we are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum on a topic.

Cool, cheers :beers: buddy

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I’ve been using the leftover lamb fat to cook my eggs with…

@Weaselpuppy I should send you this lil kitchen move I made recently