Its all lining up

For Sheila to do the most SOL thing ever and hire Harbaugh…Mark my words…

10 man in the fiend for 2 weeks now and Patricia is saying he has works to do . Fire this guy and Quinn and immediately and make Coombs the head coach and gm.We will win with our special team

At this point, I’d take him over Patricia. He has at least made it to the Super Bowl and fielded a couple really good teams.

Patricia and Quinn are a disgrace.

Harbs up till this yr has at least been good not great at UM. Better than anyone since Carr. Of course the bar has been low since Carr to be sure

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Why would people not want jimmy. UofM fans want him gone, check. He took a QB who sucked made him look good and got to the super bowl, check. Better than fat boy, check.