It's Almost Noon

Almost noon and Holmes hasn’t signed anyone today?

What are we waiting for? Will Harris is getting older by the minute :laughing:

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Does Brad even know FA has started?! These guys are as old as they’re ever gonna get! We gotta sign 'em now!!

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Josh Reynolds will be 30 before Holmes finishes his coffee. 10 more years and Josh will be a man.

Time is critical here

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I don’t think we will see Reynolds back unless its suuuuuuuper friendly. I have a feeling the staff has a bad taste in their mouth over his drops.

Don’t you start making this thread serious @JimLiohey

That will not be tolerated. :laughing:

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This should have been a serious discussion, but I see that it has gotten silly. Let me call the fun police…


Shouldn’t you be out looking for that beer bottle you tossed a quarter mile in playoffs… :joy::joy:

I honestly think we are done until after the draft.

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Another S and then maybe.

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I think Brad’s done OK overall but he should have signed Reader, Zeitler etc within 15 minutes of free agency opening when these guys were a lot younger.

There’s still around $10m in freely available cap space to utilise. Given that Brad has just about run out of holes to fill on the roster, I’m expecting to see some A-list celebrities joining the cheerleading squad.


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Gorgeous pussy cat right there…

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Disagree on the drops you don’t lead a team by bitching an pointing finger. I do agree he won’t be back because he may have over priced his ability.

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