It's beginning to look a lot like WCFs dead hand is still at the rudder

To me this whole SOL thing started with Boss Ross. Dude ran Barry out of the league and karma has been waterboarding us ever since.

The Barry years were generally good to very good occasionally great football.

Since then, it’s been 2 solid decades + of mostly horrific trash. Historic level utter clown show.

Makes it hard to think that we are in for some magic turnaround that probably doesn’t involve Goff, which means it’s like at least 3 years away before we can even hope to look for a positive season of wins, playoffs and generalized “hey, maybe we finally turned the corner”

This is how bad things are. 2021 is a complete shitshow. Meathead coach, gigantic lack of talent (left 2020 with a dogshit back 7 and no WR and we have, well, a dogshit back 7 and no WR…progress!!) and more entertaining SOL losses even when you through every possible bad bounce/bad call/bad kamra had occurred to us…NOPE! Not even close huh.

2022 is some kind of putting meat on the skeleton kind of year (think claymation anatomy class videos), then 2023 is a head transplant with a new QB, who gets it all together in 24…assuming anyone worth a shit from 20/21 signs a second contract with this gigantic farce of an organization.

Mooch thought he’d get 5 years…it took Gym Shortz 2 full years to unwind the Marinelli stench to become a credible team you stopped laughing at.

This is going to be 1-2 years of slo-mo drive by shooting footage followed by 1-2 years of maybe Jimbo Caldwell level success if we are lucky.

Seriously. We gonna beat Dallas, Green Bay, Rams, Cardinals, Bucs out of a playoff spot in 22? 23? We would be happy to beat NOLA and Minny level perpetual almost good enoughs at that point.

Buckle up, buckaroo. Prepare to be entertained…if you’re a masochist…



I am fully strapped into my Lions straightjacket. There’s really no alternative; I’d feel like a fraud to pretend I care about other teams. I like some teams better than others, but I really don’t care.

Fortunately, I am pathologically optimistic. I do believe we have the right people in place to guide us to and beyond respectability as early as 2022. I’m enjoying the process, even with our injuries and traditional abysmal luck. This is so much better than another year of Quintricia.


I think it really does come down to this, and really it is the first time I believe the lions actually have the assets available to make a change


As suck filled as this year has been I do have some level of confidence that we have a decent front office in place. We are going to have maybe the #1OA, the Rams pick, and the top pick in round 2. With some dead cap space coming off the books I think we can make a slight splash in FA next year. I believe we will see some good improvement in 2022 to at least let us know we are on the right track. Cleveland was a dumpster fire only a few years ago. There’s no reason we can’t duplicate their success.

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Actually, it looks like the beginning of a rebuild. After you broom out morons.


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The “WCF” on the sleeve, as if he was George Halas or something, is really bothering me again.


I think its fitting:



When you’re continually picking at the top of the draft. There is always that chance of the Peyton Manning golden ticket pick. Peyton is not only your franchise QB, but he’s also your offensive coordinator, part head coach, and part GM.

Yeah, it’s ok to dream. Who knows. Sometimes dreams become reality. And yes Peyton is my all-time favorite player. Brady has long surpassed him, but Brady never controlled a team to the level of where the offensive coordinator is really just a guy who gets a free ticket and gets to make funny faces on the sideline.

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That was some years in
Before Peyton was really doing doing that

Without the right management
Which players have changed an organization on their own ?

Cam Newton ?

That’s true. It was a few years. Us Lions fans are used to waiting.

I’ve adopted a 2nd team. Its the only way to get through this.


I understand that. But will that 2nd team always be the red-headed stepchild? Will their success ever mean anything to you?

I lived in the Bay Area from 1975 until 2001 and had Niner season tickets for 10 years during the 90s. I enjoyed their success and basked in their reflected glory. Yet what I crave is the Lions becoming playaz and relevant in the Super Bowl conversation.

BTW, I live well without the Lions doing their part. It’s possible.


Things I most wanted yesterday, in order of my pure fan prioritization…
Lions win - Wrong!
Packer Loss - Wrong
Rams Win - Wrong
Bills Win - BOOM
Vikings Loss - Wrong
Denver Win - Wrong

Yup, not anywhere near the desired outcome.

I was really ready to jump on bills wagon since last yr

But now with ownership pulling stadium shenanigans and a little shine of mine taken off josh , I’m feeling a little indifferent

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That was pissing me off yesterday too.

  1. he was the most awful terrible thing since the bubonic plague/Black Death…lasted longer too.

  2. Its not like his name isn’t on the g-ddamn stadium…

  3. Or on 30 million cars, and billboards, and TV ads…yes I know he had nothing to do with making cars. That’s why the company is still running.

  4. It’s not like he was Halas, or Jackie Robinson or Roberto Clemente or Pat Tillman or Vladdy Konstantinov or anything.

Can we replace them with SOL? please? That would make up for seeing that WCF on there half a decade after he’s gone.


That’s Ford Field. There’s no telling which Ford that’s referring to.

I went to northern Virginia and there was a law firm I drove by that was named Abbott, Abbott, Abbott & Abbott. And I’m sitting there thinking “so which Abbott felt slighted and needed an extra Abbott added to Abbott, Abbott & Abbott when he became partner?”


LOL - Reminds me of Modern Family. Jay’s competitor was called “Closets, closets, closets, closets.”

I’ll go through my spiel on this again:

  • William Clay Ford gained full ownership of the Lions in '63 – a plaything since he wasn’t considered one of the better Fords who actually stay in the running of the auto-maker. He had been a minority owner since '61.

  • This means that William Clay Ford had nothing to do with the Lions founding; nothing to do with their world championships in the 1950s.

  • He took a competitive team and transformed it into literally, the worst franchise in U.S. team sports. Decades and decades of losing, no playoff wins, etc.

  • George Halas founded the Chicago Bears. George Halas helped found the fucking NFL. THAT’S WHY GEORGE HALAS’ INITIALS ARE ON THE BEARS’ UNIFORM SLEEVES!!

Putting ‘WCF’ on the Lions sleeves – as a permanent item to the identity of this team – is an abomination. It doesn’t make any sense at all. The fact that the Ford family wants it there only shows their cluelessness when it comes to NFL football.