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I looked at the last 10 years of Lions records for the month of December and January. Before I did it, I had this feeling that the Lions had fizzled for the most part in this part of the year. Here is what I found:

2021: 3-3

2020: 1-4 (Patricia Fired, this is actually Bevell’s record)

2019: 0-4

2018: 2-3

2017: 3-2 (Caldwell Fired)

2016: 2-4 (playoff loss included)

2015: 3-2

2014: 3-2 (playoff loss included)

2013: 0-4 (Schwartz Fired)

2012: 0-5

2011: 3-3 (playoff loss included)

Observations: Not surprisingly, Caldwell was pretty steady at the end of the season. Only one time did he falter at the end of the season, and that was his best team. (Which is why the division win drought continues). Patricia only got to December twice with the team, doing poorly in both seasons. “His” team also went 1-4 after he was fired. Schwartz’s first two years aren’t in this sample size, but you can see that his last two years led to his firing.

Oh, and the last time the Lions won all of December, not counting playoffs?: 1995.
And the last time they won all of December, including the playoffs: 1957.

All that being said, you can throw ‘end of season success’ on the pile of all the things Campbell has already done better than his predecessor.


Interesting post. Wonder what the record could have been with Goff in 2 of those 3 losses.

Seattle game likely would have been closer but unless the D was more motivated, they were too out of sorts to stop the hawks on that day. I think the Atlanta game was VERY winnable if Goff was playing.

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The only reason the Lions didn’t win the division in 2014was because Mayhew tried to go cheap at K and it cost the Lions dearly. After forcing Jason Hanson into retirement, Mayhew drafts Nate Freese in Rd 7, who immediately stinks. He’s then replaced by an even stinkier Alex Henery, who proceeds to miss three FGs at Ford Field and the Lions lose to the Bills 17-14.

Had the Lions won that game, they would’ve finished 12-4, won the division, and hosted a home playoff game. The third tiebreaker, record vs common opponents, the Lions would’ve won easily.

GB was 4-3 and the Lions would’ve had a 6-1 record against the same opponents.

They both beat MIA, ATL, and NYJ.

Lions beat SEA, NO, and would’ve beaten BUF.

GB would’ve only beaten CAR vs Lions loss.

Since Dallas had a stronger SOS, Lions would’ve been the 3rd seed and hosted No. 6 seed Arizona Cardinals at home.

All because Mayhew went cheap at K.