It's that time of year to start your mock drafts, share them here (2022 version)

I don’t do many mocks until around March of 2023, just before the drafts and that is annually. -around March each year. for cripes sake it’s just about Halloween 2022.

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I am probably overreaching on some of these guys and the rounds, but maybe something like:

1A CJ Stroud QB1 Ohio State
1B Joey Porter Jr CB Penn State
2. Tyler Davis DT Clemson
3 O’Cyrus Torrence RG Florida
4 Blake Corum RB Michigan
5 Ronnie Hickman S Ohio State

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Nothing says quality draft simulator like getting Will Anderson at 20…


Right now we sadly sit in #1 overall pick territory, and this mocking from that spot is the only logical approach. If we climb out of the cellar by finishing 5-6 and ending up 6-11, then I’d assume our needs may be different?

As it stands….


Frankly- this couldn’t shape up better for us, but that’s contingent in Brad/DC not screwing ur up…

If Seattle finishes under .500 and has a top 5-6 and top 20 pick…. And Houston has 2 top 10 picks…. Lastly Carolina will likely have a top 3 pick and has a pair of picks in round 2 and 3…

The 3 teams with the most obvious QB needs will all likely be drafting high enough to get to #1 and have the resources to trade up.

Let’s not talk about Geno Smith as he’s a UFA and turning 33, or D Mills who will likely have 5 wins in 2 years, or Baker….

Bottom line if we end up #1 we likely take our QB because it means Goff was awful…. But since I’m not in love with any of the QBs right now here is mine….

  • I traded #1 for #3, #39, and 2024 first (likely another top 10 if they take the rookie QB)
  1. M Murphy - big DE (stout against run and sacks!)
  2. Clark Phillips- CB (ball hawk)
  3. J Gibbs- RB (reported 4.35 speed and hands!)
  4. Siaki Ika- 345 anchor
  5. Jack Campbell- coverage LB tackling machine
  6. Zak Zinter- mauling RG
  7. Mazi Smith- DT
  8. KJ Jefferson- Running QB
  9. Ruggles- K

M Murphy, McNeill, Ika, Hutch

  • Paschal, Buggs, Mazi Smith, C Harris, JO

J Campbell, Rodrigo, D Bush

  • Pittman, D Barnes

Okudah, K Joseph, V Bell, M Cooper, Clark Phillips

  • T Walker, J Jacobs, Lucas , Parker

  • this draft gives us a mobile project QB who is killing it in the SEC, a truly explosive 3 down back, a replacement for Big V from a monster run game at U of M…. We get a bookend for Hutch with size to hold down edge….

Mazi Smith, Ika and McNeill give us 3 guys 325 plus who can move inside.

  • so we sign D Bush, Vonn Bell and Marcus Cooper-

We still have 2 firsts next year to move up for QB, but this defense would be top 10-15 with decent coaching

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