J Dobbs starting in Make or Break game for Titans…

Think about this….

Josh Dobbins is 27 and has 277 nfl passing yards, nothing to discuss rushing and more turnovers than TDs

Dobbs was poached off Lions practice squad, this not good enough to be one active backup…

Titans announced they are starting him in a do or die game vs Jaguars to make playoffs. Not M Willis.

Since Dobbs can’t run or pass as proven by getting zero time in 5 years….

That means they don’t even think they can use Willis as a running back like J Fields.

What a dumpster fire the last 2 QB classes have been


Kinda sad how easy it was for Jacksonville to make the playoffs. Kinda sad how lions need a miracle to make it.


In Dobbs 1 start for the Titans he had 232 yards passing. Malik was given 3 starts. He threw for 55, 80 and 99 yards. It crazy how bad the kid is right now.

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Wait are you telling me a qb actually needs to be able to throw? I thought these running qbs were all the rage. So is willis a less praying version of td tim?


This is why I want a QB in the 7th round. Lol

I might even throw some decent money at good vet backup, now that we have shown we are a playoff caliber team.

We are good enough where we can no longer ignore, or make bad decisions at QB #2.

agreed. They can’t run trash level guys behind Goff anymore, now that the stakes are actual meaningful games, every one of them is.


Just shows how desperate the Titans are to be starting a practice squad QB who has played for 3 different teams this season in a win and you’re in playoff game. The GM was fired and they haven’t won a game since.

Imagine being 7-9, losing 6 straight games and still having control of your own playoff destiny if you win. Talk about being lucky.

Blough actually had a decent game on Sunday as well.

He backed up Ben Rothlisberger until last year. He is mobile. He can throw. He isn’t a starter. But he is a hell of a backup and can win a game or two in a pinch. He is the classic qb who looks really good in quarter number 2 and 3 in preseason and gets you the meaningless wins in preaseason.

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How is this situation any different than Detroits.
What if Lions are up 10 in the 2nd quarter in Lambaugh. The unfortunate happens and we lose Goff in mid second quarter? Who wins the game?

I thought Dobbs was the best back up in the league after this past preseason. He looked like mahomes against back ups. I think he took a few years to develop behind Rapelessburger and finally could be decent. I was thrilled when we signed him and pissed when Tennessee poached him. I think he is better than Sudfield but didnt have the time in our system to take his place.


I’ve heard they could resign him after this season.:man_shrugging:t2:

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Vet backup over rookie QB in do or die game? Shocker. Rookie MUST be trash with no hope of ever being anything but trash… :roll_eyes:

Mason Rudolph has been the backup since 2019.

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Dobbs was a backup in Pittsburgh from 2017-2019 and then 2020-2021.

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Its pretty easy to see who the backup was.


Really? You gonna do this and you call me an ass? I live in Pittsburgh. I know who the backups are. Don’t be a dumbass.

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