J Okwara closest to being ready for Eagles game

Per Dan Campbell.

Dan Campbell offered a ray of hopeful sunshine on Friday. Campbell indicated that defensive end Julian Okwara could be ready for the Week 1 opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“We’re hoping for Philly,” Campbell said when asked about Okwara. “He’s probably got the best shot of all of them to be back.”

Okwara has not practiced since the first week of training camp nearly a month ago. He’s been visible at practices in defensive huddles and has done some light work off to the side with trainers, but Okwara continues to miss valuable practices with his lower leg injury.

Hmmm…I was told he was going to get cut.

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Why would he get cut ? This guy has a chance to be one of our best playmakers !!!


If we are up 35-17 going into the fourth qtr- play him against Philly :crazy_face:

You’d have to ask @coyote12.

Not expecting much out of him to start the season. I’m hoping he balls out this year I never really saw it with him… I hate how clunky and off balance he plays at times. Remind me a bit of Devin Taylor.

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