Jack Fox restructures

Looks like they bonused $2.1M, freeing up $1.6M


Good…I was worried we were gonna cut him @BigNatty


Any particular reason why they haven’t just restructured Ragnow or Decker? Just curious if there was an underlying reason I may be missing? At the end of the day I know it does’t really matter where the money comes from its all being pulled from the same pot.

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Gotta keep Fox locked down for life, bro

I have no idea. I would have done Ragnow first, Decker 2nd and gone from there.


Just throwing this out there, but would a restructure make it harder to trade one of them? Like more dead cap hit?

Technically you would be correct. If we restructure Decker and then trade him, we eat all that money as it turns into guaranteed cash.

In the end I don’t think it amounts to anything, just was completely unexpected.


He’s already the majority owner of Ford Motor Company!!

Yea, I am not implying that is the plan or anything, but just curious how that would work. No way they would get rid of Ragnow, but Decker you could see in a couple years and move Sewell over if they keep drafting OL

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if Fox ever shaved his head, look the ■■■■ out!

Big Nat’s boy, I like this !

this seems like a no brainer…. he isn’t going anywhere soon!

Man this Post should’ve been titled “Jack Fox Retires” with the correction in the comments. Natty would’ve had a 2 second heart attack!

Get wagner, right now. Pay him

I suspect he will one day

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