Jackson Powers Johnson and Quinyon Mitchell

Two players who match up perfectly with what Detroit needs, matches their grit and DNA. Both players are turning heads at Senior Bowl. Ragnow retiring sooner rather then later is a very real thing so think it makes getting his replacement in the wings a top priority.










Love both them guys, powers Johnson does seem like a great fit and Mitchell is a stud probably just moved out of our reach, but he is a guy I would trade up for, perfect match talent and need.


At the moment I think odds would be that neither is there at 29. Especially if Mitchell validates his Feldman Freak #s in a testing center. With JPJ 330lb centers are rare enough that he probably a threat for the high teens if it matches up with a team’s needs. Much can change of course.

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Agree with Both, but as others have said, i think they are gone before us

Mitchell especially if he continues like this through the Senior Bowl

330lb center with high end tape is sure to get a team or two to fall in love. Once you get past around 10 the elite guys are gone. A fringe elite player at the pivot with exceedingly rare characteristics won’t last that far thereafter.

Crazy that he’s 330+. He holds it well.

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Only 317 at the Senior Bowl though. And short arms. Doesn’t matter re: his tape, but you know some teams have these thresholds…

I personally don’t think JPJ is any better of a prospect than Schmitz, Tippmann, Dickerson, Ruiz, and pretty much all the top centers who come out every year. In fact I have Barton ahead of him long-term. Some of them hit, some of them don’t, but I don’t think he’s in that special Ragnow/Mack/Pouncey tier as a prospect.

I’ve had Mitchell as my CB1 for awhile now, so I’d be ecstatic with that one.

Can we have Powers-Johnson AND Kingsley Suamataia?

Also - who is Oregon’s ol coach? Are they fantastic at recruiting, or is he an amazing coach?

Agreed. Perhaps we trade up if soemone we like is close enough. I would think that scenario would not be for an IOL.

I brought up Dylan McMahon to @thats2. He’s only 295 and a shade under 6’3" so he’s on the small side. I’d think he can probably add ten but he’s probably close to maxed out.

But he seems to be plenty strong Was a Feldman freak in 2021 for his weight room work. Here he anchors against 340lb Justin Rogers of Auburn.


Team captain with 17 career starts RG, 7 at LG and all of this year at Center.

Eric Galko who run the Shrine Bowl called him the nastiest IOL in this class.

Probably a day 3 guy. Depth year one and then he’s likely ready to go in year 2 if it came to it. If Frank keeps pressing on then we haven’t over invested plus the versatility would really help when injuries inevitably hit.

Seems like he might have a knack for combo blocks. :man_shrugging:


JPJ just went into the locker room at the Senior Bowl with an injury.

Much rather go the McMahon route than spend so much capital on another OL.

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I was never blown away by JPJ when I watched Oregon. Their whole OL was outstanding so perhaps that’s it. I do think he’s a nice player and at 334lbs I think of him differently in terms of the start at OG and move to center strategy.

Dickerson was the best college Center of the last few years to me. That dude was awesome his one year at Bama.

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He was at the top of that list of dudes for me as well, but man his injury history was scary. That knocked him down a notch or two. So far so good though in the league. Why can’t we get that sort of luck?

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I have been pumping Powers-Johnson since before he won the Remington trophy. He can play inside too. I can’t think of a single C that won the Remington the first year they played center, until now. There’s your Swiss Army knife.

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Winning the Remington your first year as starting center is impressive. The last time we took a true Junior from Utah that played at Oregon it worked out pretty well.


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