Jacobs not happy about PUP

This man is chomping at the bit to get back lol


This is always the case.

I know Jamo was saying he’d be ready for week 1.

Look what happened to Paschal when he practiced too soon.


You know he wants back out there so bad. I think he expected to be back by now based off previous comments.

My guess is he won’t play until after the bye. Gives him a few weeks to get in game shape once he’s off PUP.


The good news is we should have reinforcements coming 6-8 weeks into the season. Potentially Jamo, Romeo, Jacobs, Paschal, Levi all could give us a boost. Remember we only play 7 games combined in Sept and October. If those dudes were all back by early November, that would mean they could potentially still play 10 games.


Jacobs, Jamo, & Paschal, I could see giving the Lions a boost.

Romeo, if Hutchinson, Bryant, and Harris play well, the Lions may take their time bringing him back.

They’d save $4M in cap space if Romeo is cut after the 2022 season.

As for Levi, I’m sanguine about his chances of contributing. He’s looking like he has high bust potential.

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That reads like a helluva draft or FA class inbound. Hope they all get healthy and are able to contribute the second half of the season.

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All the more reason to play him in November and December to see if it’s worth brining him back or cutting him in the offseason.

Hard to say injuries are the worst, you mentioned Bryant being important this year in your post, most people had him written off as a bust as well early in his career. You just never know with injuries.

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Let’s not forget people were calling Stafford a bust and a china doll for the first two years after he was injured for the majority of them.


Nailed it! Same with Bryant, same with Okudah, now they are doing it with Levi. Not saying those guys will all turn it around, but the key is getting and staying healthy. Some players can, others can’t. Time will tell. But you should never completely write off young injured players IMO.

Heck B. Holmes keeps drafting young injured players. I sure hope some of them work out or we are screwed. haha

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Jerry Jacobs


Not mad about the decision…. It’s best for the team but I just want to play ball🙏🏾


Yeah, we’re going to have reinforcements coming off of PUP and IR when the inevitable injuries hit.

If Levi is dealing with herniated or bulging discs in his back that’s going to take time. They’ll heal and he’ll be fine but it takes forever. I say sit him this year and get him 100% for next season. They were stupid playing him last year. There’s a difference between being tough and playing through and injury and being stupid by playing with an injury. They should have sat him.


And these additions will also nullify to a degree the “tape” our remaining opponents have on us….

Our schemes can be modified to the influx of new, healthy players!!

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100% agreed brother!! Get the dude healthy, and maybe he surprises everyone! Can’t keep running him out there with back problems, especially when he can’t even sit down without his back flaring up every time.


That’s exactly it. I’m wondering what the hell you’re doing. If it was some kind of bs toughness challenge I’m going to be pissed at Campbell. There’s no need for that. A guy that can’t even sit is going to give you maybe 50% on the field. That’s the best he can do. What’s the point of playing him? Now you’ve cost him two seasons not just one. I will always question that decision by Campbell.

What kinda gets my hopes up though is that Levi flashed his potential despite being in that much pain. I really hope he can get healthy.