Jaguars the first team in NFL history to lose three straight games to previously winless teams

The Jags have lost 3 straight games to winless teams. Making them the first team in NFL history to do so. Mistakes are just killing that team. They remind me of the Lions.

Can they beat the Lions?

Will the Lions players rally around their struggling coach and try hard to save his job?

Or are we about to see another ugly game where each team makes countless mistakes and the team with the fewest mistakes will win?

What happens if they beat us?

Man, I can’t imagine life here or in Allen Park if the Lions lose to the Jags next week. Follow that up with a loss to a first-year coach in Carolina and the seats here are hotter than anywhere else in the league.

Speaking of anywhere else…
The two NY teams that play in the Meadowlands have combined for 0 wins through 5 weeks.

It would make us the first team in league history to lose to the first team in league history that had lost its previous 3 games to winless teams.

Put it on a tshirt. Hang it next to 0-16.


Hopefully they at least go up 14 points before blowing it. Keep that streak going, too.

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I think we’ve got a decent shot at going 3-3.

The Jags completely gave up on the season and went into full purge and rebuild mode. We aren’t in that mode, and we still might lose to them…and even if we win our final record will be in the same area as the Jags. This is embarrassing.

This is exactly why i dont want RE-TREAD Jay Gruden. Sean McVay is the reason behind any of his success.

Same with Dan Quinn and Kyle Shanahan.

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Excellent point.

Jay Gruden is a good offensive coach IMO. He’d do well with a Stafford. I’d be okay with that hire. Wouldn’t be over the moon for it but I’d be okay with it.

The offense is moving the ball well, their kicker missed 2 field goals and they fumbled going for it on 4 and 1.

I have no idea if Jay Gruden would be a good coach and I doubt it but he’s objectively doing a good job this year

More endless troll topics posted from you is Guaranteed…


I think Gruden is a very good offensive coordinator but like our own Head Coach doesn’t have the emotional intelligence or man management ability needed to be a successful head coach in this league.

I would be very happy if Jay Gruden was our next OC but would be fairly underwhelmed if he was our next HC.

It will be all Stafford’s fault…DUH !!

Par for the course.
I won’t go so far as root for a loss here, but it would help in getting the full rebuild I want.
I hope they win. But…

Bastards! Those are the only kind of records the Lions can get, and they take it.
Guess we’ll have to go for 4.