Jalen Carter caught stealing from Target?

I know little details on this but I think many of you are pretty quick to pass judgement.

Someone accuses Carter of stealing. Let’s assume it’s an Older Karen who sees Jalen Carter in her upscale Target.

(Karen) thought she saw them put something in their bag without paying for it (this was at the self checkout) Carter paid for his items, picked up the bags and Carter left the store. I assume security responding to the employees report pulled up the CC and found it to be Jalen Carter.

Carter wasn’t detained at the scene and there was no police report filed from the incident but apparently he was questioned about it by the police.

Rumor gets out and a reporter asks him to comment on it.

He blows it off …. “Probably just a misunderstanding I really don’t know much about this.”

That’s a very plausible possibility and understandable response.

My point is you know nothing about this. Neither do I. You do not know the actual context in what he said. All you know is charges weren’t filed. Which means there’s no proof he did anything wrong.

For all we know he paid for his items, put them in the bag and the employee racially profiled him and jumped to a false conclusion.


I didn’t see your post yet I hadn’t read everyone’s comments. It’s nice to see someone else is giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Carter would be smart to bring a lawsuit and charges against her and Target for it if that was the case. I’ll bet you Target doesn’t want that.


Somehow this thread was inevitable

Carter would eventually be not perfect and this would begin.

I will always be on the fence with this player. But I 100% trust Holmes and MCDC.

Eating some popcorn now

Thanks for this. I saw the story earlier and thought the same.

Not many know what Borderline Personality Disorder is or aware a loved one may have it; I know….

Small world brother

@Air2theThrown a couple thoughts. If it was simply a misunderstanding, then it doesn’t make the police come. Also if it’s anything small, I am sure Target just doesn’t give a shit. Jalen Carter in their store is enough publicity. Lastly if it’s nothing, then why wouldn’t he just say what happened? “My lady passed me the deodorant and I bagged it by accident”. Now that’s a non-story.

Edit: Also I agree Target wouldn’t want any negative publicity about it, which makes it even more suspicious when they didn’t just blow it off and say they made a mistake.

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That is the weirdest thing ever. Uncanny.

Maybe Jalen drove to the Target at a minimum of 40 mph over the speed limit and he was listening to Genesis?

All guys reading this post are thinking “ho-lee-shit she must be incredible in bed.”

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Sure it does. Happens everyday by nearly every officer on duty. Just ask one.

Based on your comments I wonder if you actually read what was reported.


Unless he was stealing signals, I don’t see what the fuss is about.


About 15 years ago I dated a lady with BPD. Interesting experience. I happened to be severely out kicking my coverage on account of the craziness so I tolerated it.


Benign interpretation baby

Maybe the Stealers should have drafted him?

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checks Carter’s track(hawk) record

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There it is. Year 1

After a couple of Natty’s toads Tommy Boy wins best picture almost every time.

One of the toads voted for The Shawshank Redemption…but pretty sure that toad had special needs if you know what I mean.

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