Jalen Carter Involved in New Lawsuit

I know he’s not a Lion, but the issues may be just getting started for Jalen Carter…

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This is easy, its just a civil matter. His lawyer will handle it.


He signs his contract and days later civil suits brought forward…

Almost like it was planned that way.


The main problem with the lawsuit is the driver wasn’t acting within the course and scope of her employment and drag racing while intoxicated would be outside any conceivable job duties.

As for Carter, there’s no way he can be liable merely for driving the other vehicle where there was no physical contact between the two of them.

Looks like a borderline frivolous lawsuit.


Beyond that, there is likely NO insurance coverage. ISO policies contain some version of the following language:

Insurer will not pay any damages an insured person or an additional insured person is legally entitled to recover because of bodily injury:

  1. arising out of the participation in any prearranged, organized, or spontaneous:

a. racing contest;

b. speed contest; or c. use of an auto at a track or course designed or used for racing or high performance driving

And, that’s beyond the general exclusions for criminal acts and intentional acts.


I really feel for them, but, this just seems like lashing out.
The University had zero control of the situation, and Carter wasn’t driving the ill-fated car, nor did his actions directly cause the accident (unless there’s new evidence).
Money isn’t going to bring his son back, and money isn’t going to make the pain go away.
The family needs to find a real source of comfort, and I pray they find it.


This is a civil case, not a criminal case. His actions were a part of contributing to the end result. He doesn’t have to be the REASON for the result in order to get a judgement against him. But its a financial judgement, not a jail sentence.


They’re gonna have a hard time with him being found liable but a pretty easy time with the University given. It was a University employee in a University vehicle with previous speeding tickets. And there will be plenty of evidence that comes out to show a basic lack of institutional control there


I’m an attorney who does, among other things, insurance defense for a living. In other words, I’ve spent my 33 year career defending cases like these.

Virtually every automobile liability insurance policy has a variety of exclusions which address drag racing, criminal acts, or intentional acts. As such, there’s a high degree of probability that there is no insurance coverage for either the driver who crashed the vehicle or Carter (although they may provide him a defense with a reservation of rights regarding indemnity).


There may not be insurance coverage, but that doesn’t preclude a finding of civil liability against the defendants themselves.

He has reached the stage of “pay a fine and move on.” His fine may be bigger than most, and that is the only drama left.

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The driver of the vehicle (Chandler LeCroy), is deceased and probably uncollectable without insurance. Drag racing, drunk driving, etc. all will cause any insurer to challenge indemnity under any policy that LeCroy might have been covered under–whether a personal or University policy.

Carter is certainly collectable, but probably not liable since he was not the proximate cause of the crash. The intervening and/or superseding cause of the crash is Lecroy.

There may also be evidence that Devon Willock consented to the racing in some fashion (obviously, not to being killed), and that could also establish an element of contributory or comparative negligence.

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If Carter isn’t there that night, or hasn’t been party to off-the-chart intoxication of the two who died, and two others injured…does the crash occur?

I’m no lawyer, but I absolutely find Carter ethically complicit.


The civil case was to be expected and part of the reason Carter fell even after being cleared of criminal charges. It’s a distraction.

Maybe some big Georgia boosters can come up with some sort of settlement to make the whole thing just go away.

He don’t play for Georgia no more.

Georgia is also named in the lawsuit.

Dude shouldn’t post videos of himself driving….


That video since the draft? If so, it’s not a good look for Jalen. He oughta keep a real low profile now that he’s cashed in. Kid’s either gonna get it, or he’s gonna get it- in all the worst ways possible.

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He doesn’t have criminal liability. That part is no longer up for debate. The only thing left is whether he has to pull out his wallet and pay some money or not.

Jalen isn’t driving, the kid next to him is. Jalen is the passenger. I will explain it for people who don’t do this kind of stuff or follow social media video’s like this. The phone he is using is flipping the image, and its pretty common. Look closely at the lettering on the shirts, its all backwards.

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The pockets are deep enough to provide more than adequate legal defense as well as the ability to tie this up for years if they can’t simply reach a reasonable settlement. What I don’t get is how they get to $40 million." Last month, he notified the school of his intentions to seek $2 million in damages because he said the athletic department acted “negligently” in allowing LeCroy to drive the SUV after a night of partying and with a driving record of multiple speeding tickets." The other $38 million? Actually the bar probably has the most liability. If I were the school I would settle ASAP and move on, separate yourself from the other parties with re to the on going story.