Jamaal Williams Presser

I know a lot of people are planning his exit next year already, but I’m sorry I love the energy. He is such a unique guy and also gives 100%. He buys into everything about this team and brings @BigNatty levels of positivity.


Why are these Lions players talking super bowl? That’s some crazy shit! So do we have a delusional team? I think they think they faced a lot of adversity last year and it’s made them better! Stronger energy!(that was for you @BigNatty ) they might think 20 wins is shit!


Coach Dan isn’t just teaching football, he’s teaching manhood, brotherhood and faith. When the entire brotherhood buys in, the faith of each goes up. This is a mastermind (even though they probably don’t know it). :wink:

There are layers of accountability to it, but also a building up of the inside of each of them, their identity, their belief in each other, themselves, etc.

Dan Campbell is the MF’n man. These dudes will go into EVERY game fully expecting to win.


I know, man. I SO wish he had more breakaway speed. Love this guy. I do think he’s a cap casualty. Lots of ppl were thinking he was over priced, but he’s a huge culture builder and an important part of this thing.

Although we aren’t disagreeing per say, I say you can’t put a price on infectiousness. Get a guy like that around 70 people and it spreads.

Not to mention you can’t pay for comfort. When you see a guy like this, just being himself and not giving a F and 1000% comfy in the situation - along with putting in the work like everyone else - it instantly makes you more comfortable and driven.

This dude is flat out a creator of comfort and infectiousness.

That’s not even counting the energy level. Sometimes you just gotta have a couple of these guys.


He’s my favorite player

This is all 100% on point.
Jamaal is a DIFFERENT type of energy too. He will bring the comfort to others…and so the the full on warriors…those dudes will take comfort in each other, and give each other comfort, in terms of having faith in ability to win and “keeping the fight” late in games. He has BOTH clown energy AND warrior energy. I love having his energy in the team.

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I think Jamaal has one of the best personalities of any player I’ve ever seen on the Lions. Even he looked like he has been hitting the weight room pretty hard.

I am super excited for Hard Knocks this year. It’s going to be awesome.


I noticed this, too. Perhaps it was just the shirt and backpack but I doubt it; he looked pretty damn jacked.

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That’s why I said what I said. Some things cannot be paid for.

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I just finished watching the vids of both Jamaal and Levi.
Wow, what a different mentality the staff has built into the teams mindset.
I can only imagine what Dan and Co have been preaching to the entire team. It had to start with Dan gathering the staff together and getting them all on board with the message they are going to preach heading into 22.
Think about it, DC, AG, Aubrey, Johnson, and the rest. They all are equally yoked, putting LY where it belongs. We will not stumble looking backwards at past transgressions, we can only reach our goals by working and preparing for today and tomorrow. From what I’m hearing, they are setting there sights on winning the SB!
You can build even more @BigNatty energy by the doubters doubting. And they all know there will be plenty of nay sayers, they are prepared for it, they will thrive off of it.
It takes every player doing everything possible for the team to reach it’s goal.
Watching hard knocks we will see players coaching up younger players, vets helping vets and Fox assisting them all to be their very best.
This Detroit Lion team has never been coached like this in my life time. The work the players and coaches are putting in is obvious. The new year message is being preached by a united staff and eaten up by the players. This will be a fun 2022!!


Quote from Will Selva on GMFB just minutes ago after J-Will’s presser clip, “Williams is an American Treasure, and needs to be protected at all costs.”


Love this culture.
Love that they will all have e/o’s back…on and off of the field. These guys are being taught that being part of this team is not just what happens on the field…they are Lions both on and off the field.
10 wins this year…Next year…look out!
These dudes will legitimately EXPECT to win, every time they take the field.



AMEN!! I love this!
I’m not sure what other successful NFL teams culture is like. But it feels like Dan and staff are on an island all by there lonesome doing it the MCDC way. I am convinced his way is going to lead us into the promised land.
I see a day in the not too distant future where other teams will be looking for coaches from the DC tree.
Too much koolaid? Maybe, but from the days of Greg Landry battling Bill Munson all the way through the Quintricia disaster, I have never seen a culture getting built the way MCDC is building this in Motown!

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Yup → Dan Campbell is the most important hire the Detroit Lions have ever made. There will be HC’s coming out of his tutelage. Some folks are gonna be sniping our coaches after this season. Need to make sure we don’t lose both AG & Pleasant. When AG gets sniped, Pleasant needs to be promoted immediately. I hope this has all been hashed out already. My fear is that Pleasant gets a DC job, THEN someone comes in and grabs AG afterward.

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Exactly what I felt listening to the interviews.
No rearview mirror, no backup gear, no concession. Close games are going to belong to Detroit from here on out. These guys are focused forward! They are playing to win from the coin flip until the final whistle.
Never have seen a Lions team with this confidence, and you can tell it’s not just a face they are putting on. They won’t win them all, but their intention is to win each time they take the field. No matter the opponent.


Next year’s draft go high end backer and running back in the first. Would be nice to get some heft and speed in RB room.

I love the common sense simple goal: it’s should always be the SB!

Said before; only one winner and 31 losers when you really get honest

How do you win the SB? Advance to it through the playoffs.

How do you get to the playoffs? Win enough games to get a division or WC.

How do you do that? Get 10 win ASAP!

Best way to do that? Win the first ten!!

Now let go prepare for it and do it baby!!



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I always bring up the 16-0 pats season

No one cares as they lost the SB ….

Simple as that imho