Jamal Adams blasts Coach, GM and Owner

This guy clearly wants out of NY. He’s doing everything he can to get shipped out.

I’m not sure he’s helping his own cause.

Antonio Brown
LeVeon Bell
Terrell Owens

There’s only so much coaches and GMs will tolerate before guys become unemployed and/or re-employed for less money.

I don’t think he’s in the group?

If I were the coach and had the owners blessing then I’d let him ride the pine and run laps.

That’s my thinking as well. I need to look more into this, but I’m thinking Adams is probably onto something. :slight_smile:

Antonio Brown is a bit of a different story.

Bell and Owens had no problems finding teams that wanted them.

Sounds like a child to me.

True, but for less money.

And they were drama queens. Good luck in real world bitching to your boss.

Jamal Adams… I keep thinking Jamal Lewis Devonte Adams…

So… kick the tires?

If the Lions could get him at a deal. Though with needing to get Golliday extension done it might be tight to give him a contract also.

Bad time to be holding out for a new deal with the cap going down next year. He’s a great player, but his salary combined with his vocal displeasure of his organization would make me pass on him.

He’s a drama queen. I would pass. Look at how many players hate MP

Definitely. He also plays a position that it’s not necessary to spend tons of money on.

Yeah I don’t think him and MP would be a good fit.

This kid really isn’t helping his cause.

The value an Elite Safety has on outcomes and impact on game days is enormous . Having an Elite Safety is a game changer. Would have LOVED to have him here.
While understanding the fit here could be questionable for non football reasons. I’m not sure that is really the case …He is an outspoken player , he would want input, this points to not being a match… but he would want a lot of the same things Patricia would want from his Safety and how he has utilized them.

Adams craves attention and the spotlight …Diva is the wrong take I think , he wont bitch about hard work , laps , the cold etc …His issues and comments show more as a guy that just wants out of NY now for being mislead , promises broken …wants to be leveled with and want’s a straight shooter.

His personality to me is a Football guy…a Rah, Rah, Rah type that makes plays and eats up praise and pep talks . Adam’s want’s interactions with his HC …He could be a disaster here or Patricia’s favorite player and a perfect fit …A hard worker , loves practice , accountability, called his teammates for the effort and locker room culture being shit …

He is a special Talent

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Yep, as long as he buys the gameplan.
However, we had an outspoken Safety here in Diggs. He’s a football guy, but he was also stubborn and not accepting of the gameplan.
So, the personality type doesn’t concern me, it’s just that there has to be buy-in on how we’re attacking an opponent.

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I liked the player in Q.Diggs he is not a Jamal Adams talent…
Diggs a player voted Team Captain , given a fresh contract has responsibility to put the team first and squash issues …not be an issue himself or be a part of the problem or ignore the problem …

He could even agree with Slay, yet his job was to squash it and have the Locker room in order and be a Captain and tote the company line …We know now that Slay was vocal and shutdown communication and held a grudge, Diggs needed to be part of the fix and a diplomat…If undermining was happening the only choice that could be made was made .

Adams wants to be paid and if he was I think he would fit and tote the company line because of how he would be used in this system …he would be happy .

How funny is this? Adams has been traded to Seattle. Adams the SS playing with Diggs the FS.