Jamal Agnew—not dead yet

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· Dec 22, 2019

Since 1995, only 5 @NFL players have logged 3 punt return TDs & 1 kickoff return TDs within their first 3 career seasons: -

Jamal Agnew (@jamalagnew) -
Tyreek Hill (@cheetah) -
Devin Hester (@D_Hest23) -
Eddie Drummond
Steve Smith Sr.


I got $20 he doesn’t make the team.

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The problem I have is Agnew is essentially a one dimensional player, special team. On defense he’s trash. Huntley could provide special teams and more.

Ultimately, I’m hoping they groom Huntley to WR and give him a role similar to Tyreek HIl.


Who returns punts?

Someone who won’t fumble them.


I was excited about him in his rookie year and thought he had some promise. I hope he can show something this year, but I’m not overly optimistic

Thank you

I’d rather have a guy that does nothing but catch a fair catch than a guy that muffs punts and gives the other team the ball in the Red Zone

Next time I see Agnew back to handle a punt will be one too many

They benched him mid season for a reason


That’s fair enough. Maybe Huntley can return punts even though he didn’t in college. Otherwise it’s Danny A I guess. Marvin Hall did a tiny bit of it in college.

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The real problem for great return guys now is that they just don’t get the opportunities that the Hesters got. KO go thru the endzone pretty much at will. Punters are getting better at angles and hang time. If you can’t play effectively at a normal position you’re not mich value anymore. I loved Agnew cuz I thought he’d develope into at least a nickle plus the return guy. Not sure I see that anymore

Me neither, which is surprising given his speed and shiftiness. Plus, he was actually a good/productive CB in college:
Career Stats : 11 Int, 48 PBU, 148 Total Tackles, 13.5 Tfl,

He needs to make huge strides to keep a spot.

Well, with the emphasis on trying to improve the special teams in FA I don’t see how there’s a chance in the world that they let him go. He’s lost 1 fumble in 3 seasons.

Might want to change Huntley to a WR.

I actually have wondered if they would. I think he could make for a dangerous slot wr. Wish he was a couple inches taller but with his speed and shiftiness, especially if he can be a good route runner, he could be lethal.

Of course don’t know just how good his hands are, especially when Stafford let’s a heater go. He might be a little surprised at the velocity, lol

After the trade of Slay, Rashaan Melvin & Tavon Wilson not being re-signed, here’s what the DB depth chart looks like (it’s from Ourlad’s, so it’s their opinion and in some cases just not accurate, but at least it lists the players):

Lions added 6–lost 3–for a net of +3.

At CB, Okudah, Coleman, Trufant, and Oruwariye all seem like virtual locks. Lions added two veterans in McRae and Roberts, who may be competing for one spot.

Dee Virgin might as well start packing his bags now.

Michael Ford and Michael Jackson face an uphill battle.

At S, Walker, Harmon, and Harris are locks.

Lions paid Killebrew $2M–a significant amount guaranteed. Not a lock, but the inside track.

Kearse and Moore may be battling it out for 5th safety.

And yet, I don’t know how we wouldn’t be taking a step backwards w/o him. Huntley did KO returns but not punt returns. Agnew averaged over 9 yards per punt return. If they do cut him the dead cap hit is under $65,000, while saving around $800,000. Amendola had 10 punt returns last year for a 5.5 average. If they let him go, I doubt that he has a problem getting a job elsewhere. I would hope that if they move him we at least get a draft pick, 2 return TD’s in a season is worth plenty.

In Quinn’s last interview when he was asked about Huntley being a slash type player, he did emphasize that he was a Running Back and that he’ll have to compete along with Ty Johnson.

I’d rather not see Amendola returning punts. It’s a position which should be filled by a backup player, not your 32 year old starting slot WR.

Yeah I don’t think anyone wants to really see him there, just pointing out that w/o Agnew that was what the Lions went to as their option.

It’s a tight race for the last 2 CB spots and the last S spot. Lots of guys in the mix.