Jamal Agnew on offense?

With the eventual return of Agnew this season (looking like the Bills game), and our glaring need for playmaking ability on offense, it made me think… is it possible to try giving him more of a look in that department? Kind of like our own Devin Hester experiment.
I realize the need at CB as well, so I’m not saying a complete position switch… Just thought it would be interesting to see if we could turn him into an all around playmaker by sprinkling in some extra work on offense from time to time and not just the random misdirection/reverse plays used sparingly.

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Think Tyreek Hill.

I wouldn’t be surprised (or upset) if he didn’t play again until next year.


Hill came out as a RB, they had to teach him to play receiver.

Is he on IR with the designation to return? Even if he is though, I agree with Adrian that he shouldn’t come back this year. I don’t want to see him get hurt even worse when the team has almost no chance of making the playoffs. Even if they did stumble their way into the last WC spot, they’d get bounced in the first game per usual.

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He returned to practice today, and is able to return to game action for the Bills game.

Which is why I feel like they could at least kick the tires on his all around abilities.
I agree we don’t need to put him in position to re-injire himself, but if that’s the case… removing him from punt return duties should be a higher priority than squeezing out some untapped potential.

Didnt we already do that last year?

Not to the extent that I mentioned in the first post.

I’ll elaborate and say the season is a wash anyways… so why not host any sort of talent we can get out of the roster while we’re clearly not in contention.
Agnew screams potential at just about every facet of the game… so why not if he comes back healthy this season?
This was simply just a thought, but I think it at least warrants consideration.

LOL - likely true

I’m curious, why do you think that?

“Every facet of the game” sounds like a serious overstatement. I’m not sure I can get on board with that, but I’m willing to hear you out.

The best I can say about him on offense is that he’s fast. If he had reliable hands, my guess is he wouldn’t have been playing DB in college.

The question then becomes can he play RB? From what I saw last year, the answer is “not really.”

IDK, maybe we just see it entirely differently. Aside from gadget plays, I’d rather see him try his hand at corner for the rest of the year, if he plays.

I guess what I’m saying is an overstatement. But from what we’ve seen with the ball in his hands, he has the potential to take it to the house just about every time.
Any time you give him a little bit of space… just a little bit… He does damage. So why not give him a slightly extended look?
As I said in my original post, I’m not necessarily saying use him “more often”… I’m simply saying give him more than just a simple misdirection play like they have from time to time.
From what I’ve read, he’s been sprinkled into offensive plays since his high school days.
Also, if I’m not mistaken, we’ve also used him on misdirection plays this year as well. One against Dallas that went for close to 20 or so.

Speed kills baby. And Agnew is a serial killer.


They don’t have to have a designation to return anymore. They changed that a few years ago.

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Next year. Explore his offensive skills next year when his knee is healthy.

Now it could be that Agnew’s injury wasn’t as bad as originally thought. I would like to see him get more reps on defense, if he’s not pushing that knee too hard.

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Agreed. Agnew is a great PR/KR. He seems to be improving on D. Let’s see what this cat can do.