Jamal Agnew sitting in on WR virtual meetings, per Peter King

Interesting because Jamal Agnew can’t catch. I wonder why now? Could Ag be a possible cut?

There was talk of incorporating him into the offense two years ago. This may only be a furtherance of that initial investment to take advantage of his game breaking speed. I don’t see this is something new, If you’re on the bubble, you make the staff see you in a different light.

I expect him to get cut. I feel like he lost his speed, and hasn’t been the same, since his injury. If he’s regained his speed, I’m all for it. I like his effort, and how he shows up as a teammate, but his contribution has a lot to do with speed…which he seems to have lost?
Maybe it took him awhile to return to form, but he’s a nice surprise this year?