James Bradberry: Any takers?

Released by Giants. Lions wanted him in 2020. Of course, that was a different regime.

Lions didn’t do a ton to upgrade the secondary, and this would make a compelling acquisition.

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I’m a fan of any DB who forces turnovers

No thanks. I hated Fahrenheit 451.


Absolutely, game changers are always welcome. Especially when you’re playing with acquiring someone who won’t cost picks or affect compensatory picks.

Love the idea.
-Playmaker, for sure!
-Willing Tackler
-Forces turnovers

This guy checks a ton of boxes.
How much does he cost?

I’m a fan of finding out what we have with our current posse, but this sure is tempting.

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For a year. 4 picks last year. Him and AO would look pretty nice.

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He’d immediately be the oldest player in the secondary… And would likely cost $15million/year or more. I’d be interested, but I think the staff likes that room and their age


They may go splash at CB next year after they figure out what they have in Okudah and decide whether to tag/extend/let go AO


Then, who do you risk sending the Practice Squad?
Cutting him saved the Gmen $10.1 million.
That’s more than our current cap space, but, he’s going to demand at least that.

So Many Posters act like cuts or FA its like a garage sale not often do you get anything but some one’s junk.

He is maybe a guy an i say maybe you get if you close to winning it all.

You want to pay a guy some of you, who a team that sucked almost as much as Lions last season…released cus no one would trade a 7th for him. I see the ideas posted an i really know why we have not won for awhile cus many have same thoughts as past GMs …didn’t work then won’t work now…let garbage float by unless its for couple mill an even younger player .


No one traded for him because they figured he’s get cut. It’s a cap related move.

Also, they’re hoping to get him for less than what they would have taken on contract wise via trade.

Same reason no one is trading for Mayfield. They’re waiting until it costs them zero picks.


Yeah but the Martian Chronicles was pretty good!

Is he a upgrade? Or do you want to keep pussy toeing around the fact this team needs some vets. He is better then everyone not named AO. I know you hate spending money, but other teams can, and have much worse situation then us. One year deal wont kill us.

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I would say he’s an upgrade. But the question is is “is he a selfish player? Is a good teammate?”….if he is, pay him…


Almost every player is selfish. No way a qb should make 30 plus million a year.

True. But just like the military, your only as good as the man next to you. Ya know? I understand the financial aspect, but on some level, you have to care about the team

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He’ll be 29 to start the season… and very few teams have a tone of cap space to afford $10 million to a vet that doesn’t have age on his side.

He’s probably looking at a big pay cut… towards the $5-7 million range.

Even then… no thanks.


Question…if you could sign Bradberry to a 3/39m contract or sign AO to a 4/52m contract right now, who would you choose?

I know the Lions fan in most here will probably say AO. But Bradberry has been a really good corner for a while. While AO might never be as good IMO. I think it’s a at least worth the discussion. I am aware it will be Bradberrys age 29-31 seasons vs AOs 26-29 seasons. But there’s no reason to believe a really good corner can’t be really good at 31. Also, choosing to sign Bradberry doesn’t mean you can’t also keep AO next year or after a Franchise tag two years from now.

High end talent is the best way to win games and Bradberry is a #1 corner.

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I’d defer my vote to Holmes. LOL.


They have 3 corners, at least, that are in eval mode in Okudah, Parker and Jacobs. Maybe Price too. Plus they signed Hughes.

Just not seeing it. Wouldnt be upset if they did, mind you, just think they are done.