James Jones unusual take--no energy at Ford Field is an advantage for Lions

Can live TV count as clickbait? These talking heads will say anything.

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That’s funny.

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I agree with fwd, these ass hats will say anything to get a reaction. and only 50% of what they report holds water…tell the damn truth, use real NFL news, stop with the Jerry Springer/Catfishing acts, and do your dam jobs correctly and professionally . stop acting like immature children here Media !

The Lions make the stadium quiet, not the fans. Give them something to cheer about and they’re as loud or louder than any fan base in the league. FF was also designed to make music acoustics work well too, it’s not focused on making it as loud AF during football games.

Anyhoo, during Jones career, which ended in '15, it would have often pretty pretty quiet in there. It was just after his career the Lions started beating the Pack regularly.

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When the lions are not shooting themselves in the dick the crowd at Ford Field can be very loud

They start out that way every game and it depends on what the Lions do from there

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At the risk of getting killed for this, I actually agree with him to some extent.

So, before I say why, let me preface this by saying I have been at Ford Field when it was crazy loud and energetic. The Bears game several years back where Jahvid Best pulled out an 86 yard TD run was pure mania! The fans were incredible and the vibe was absolutely electric. The Lions have tons of great fans.

Having said that, Jones isn’t wrong. I’ve been to a lot of other Lions games that felt like more like a funeral than a football game. I’ve been to home games for the Broncos, the Cardinals, the Packers, the Bears, Cincinnati, the Rams (when they were in St. Louis), and the Lions. All of those games had a lively atmosphere - nothing crazy like that Lions game vs. the Bears I experienced several years back, but it was at least a lively, somewhat festive atmosphere and experience.

Several Lions games I’ve been to, as I mentioned, felt like a f’n funeral. The fans were quiet and there was just this dead energy in the building, and then they play this weird, sh*** rap music and everyone is just sitting there kind of wondering when the losing will occur. I can’t count how many times I could have heard a pin drop inside of Ford Field while a game was going on.

There was a good thread the other day about “why so negative”. I hate to say it, but this fan base is beyond frustrated and football has become more of a frustrating thing for most of us, than an enjoyable afternoon out that I’ve seen in other cities.

For example, in Denver and Arizona, it seemed more like the fans were all there to party and winning or losing was secondary. The fans were there, they were rowdy, and they were having fun, even during a loss. In Detroit, it seems to be taken a lot more seriously. It’s more important. And when you do nothing but watch your team get the shit kicked out of them for decades, it tends to ruin the party.

I believe Lions fans want to get into it. I believe Lions fans want to be the best fan base in the league. But I think Jones is right here.

Sorry guys, too many games felt and sounded like a funeral for me to call James wrong here. Again, not EVERY game has had that atmosphere, but way more than I’d like to admit have.

Still - that friggin Bears game a few years back - I’d put that Lions crowd up against any other crowd in any sport around the world. That was something I’ve never experienced before and no other stadium/fan base was able to match it. There have been several Lions games I’ve been to that had a great atmosphere for sure.

So, the Lions have provided me with the highest of highs, as well as the lowest of lows when I compare fan participation to the other stadiums I’ve been fortunate enough to see games in.


It’s not the Silverdome, that’s for sure. That was LOUD and boisterous.

FF can be a nice home field advantage when the crowd is juiced up. Usually good for 2 or 3 false starts in fact, if the game is competitive throughout. The problem is, when we have a big primetime game, the team usually shits the bed and the crowd is taken out of it. For instance. Last year vs the Jets - first play Pick 6. Crowd came unglued. Rest of game - morgue.

We also have a tendency to settle for field goals, since, well, Ford Field has been built. And truth be told, there is no bigger boner killer than having a nice drive and settling for another gosh damned field goal to put us down 14-3, then hearing that idiot with the hard hat singing that awful fucking song. :slight_smile:

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More empty fluff for a national TV audience that does not know anything about Detroit.

The first four years Jones was in GB we were a bottom dwelling garbage team. Not much to root for in that time period. If we hosted a playoff game this year and Jones was attending I’m sure he’d feel a little different.

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There’s no way FF gets as loud as the Silverdome… ever
I think it’s just not acoustically possible
I’ve never been to another stadium so I can’t say but I assume FF is pretty average
But that is not the fans fault


Did I mention they need to throw the #3 signs in the damn trash!


Call into local sports talk and make that case…please.

thanks all for the descriptive but funny takes on lion games. good creative stuff. i can visualize the scenarios.

someone mentioned the bad rap music. i’ve been to the silverdome a number of times but never FF. the last live game i saw live was in denver. i just think the whole nfl experience is a bad value live considering what you pay for the ticket if you’re team isn’t playing well or you’re not heavily invested in the them. imho the tv timeouts while necessary for sponsorship are horrible live and kill the momentum at key moments of the game. the nfl has made the live experience one where something has to be going on all the time every second attracting and training people to be clapping seals. combine with the fact that most everybody is probably watching some aspect of the game on their phone or just dicking around on their phone vs actually watching the live game they paid for and you get a weird mix of ADD and a hodge podge of bells and whistels in a stadium :wink: the wholel thing can be too over the top at times.

this begs the question of whether the tickets too expensive for people that would go scream their hearts out vs people that are just looking to go and be entertained in a 1000 ways other than just football? does the league target certain kinds of paying customers in the first place?

from the outside looking in, when the lions have played well FF sounds loud to me on TV. i believe that if you have something to play for, the problem takes care of itself.

I think FF will be loud as F this game ! THIS is a very important game for The Lions and their Fans alike. If your any kind of Lions fan , you gotta have their best interest and back not just doubt them and think they will lose these tough games.

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He’s absolutely right IMO. Ford Field has s nowhere near as loud as the Silverdome. It was the same way with the Pistons back in the day. When the Pistons played at the Dome fans were a riot. The Palace…not as loud. Ford Field is nowhere near the home field advantage that the Dome was in terms of crowd noise. Wasn’t Jimmy Johnson quoted in saying something towards that affect??

Ford field is not that loud. I remember the Steelers game a couple of years ago was a disgrace. It might as well have been a home game for the Steelers. I also saw more people selling Steelers gear outside than Lions gear!!

Ford field is not an imposing place to play.

Extra 20K in silver dome I believe as well.

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One thing I will say, going to the restroom or getting something from a vendor is a lot better at FF. The Silverdome was a typical experience. Get up and miss part of the game other than what you can hear. I thought it was pretty cool how you could get up at FF and still have views of the game as you stand in line.

I had a similar experience at a Charlotte Hornets game. Getting up to go to the restroom or get a beer cost you nothing, because there was a perfectly good view of the game thru openings.

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