Jameson & Kerby signed

Ian Rapoport


· 1h

The #Lions and first-round WR Jameson Williams have agreed to terms on his four-year, fully guaranteed deal, source said. As always, it includes a fifth-year club option. Both first-rounders in the books.

Ian Rapoport


· 3h

The #Lions and third-round Illinois S Kerby Joseph have agreed to terms on his 4-year, $5,044,904 contract, per @AgentLouisBing. He gets a $849,020 signing bonus and as a comp pick, gets 100% of his maximum compensation allowable.

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I REALLY liked our draft picks, this year.
I think the first 5 picks Holmes took this year are gonna be REALLY good picks.
Mitchell will outperform his draft status.
Kerby will be good.
Hutch - is who he is.
Paschel will be a great contributor as well.
I think the 6th and 7th have a great chance to be good too.
8th pick…not so sure. Lots of competition there.


I agree, they all have great potential, and not only that, the coaching staff will know how to use them and bring out the best of their ability. One of the best things if not the best thing about the new regime is everyone is on the same page from top to bottom it seems. So no more trying to fit square pegs into round holes (I.e. Kyle van noy, many others).

Outside of our two first rd picks, I’m debating who I think I I’ll have the biggest impact on the team from rds 2-7. Lot of great options and possibilities!

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A Hutchinson - Signed
J Williams - Signed
J Paschal -
K Joseph - Signed
J Mitchell - Signed
M Rodriguez -
J Houston -
C Lucas - Signed

3 to go, it’ll get down before camp starts.