Jameson: to PUP or not to PUP

That is the question.

I go back and forth on this one. Obviously it depends on his progress but committing to holding him out till 9-9.5 months post surgery seems prudent and Inthinknwe’re going to really like our 54th best player this year.


If this was a win now team, I’d say play him, but it’s not. Given the age of the players, this team should look to compete in 2023 and 2024. The PUP list means we loose Williams for 6 weeks but it also gives him another 6 weeks to heal. I’m of the mind set of don’t jeopardize his health. As of now, I say PUP list.

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Most likely too early to say yet, I think we will have a better idea in July.


If he goes to PUP or even IR, can he still interact with the team? Go to workout, meetings and games?

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Players on the PUP list may not practice or play the first six weeks of the season. After the sixth week, the player must be allowed to return to practice, placed on injured reserved or released within five weeks.

I don’t believe he can go on the PUP (without penalties to the Lions) because it’s not a football related injury. At least not one that happened in the NFL. Had it happened in camp or preseason then yes he could.

Players on PUP can return at anytime until the start of the season. They can participate in meetings and use the facilities but if their still on it when the season starts they have to sit out 6 weeks but then get activated. You must activate him after 6 weeks or lose him for the season.

At least that’s my understanding anyway.

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Meetings yes. Practice no.

PUP yes IR no.

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The non-football injury list is for players who suffer an injury not related to NFL football or and keeps players from practicing at the start of training camp. The NFI covers injuries sustained during a player’s final college football season.

The rules on when a player on the NFI can get back to the field are the same as for those on the PUP list.

That’s right. I remembered there being a different designation but couldn’t recall what it was

given the state of his rehab currently Id be more surprised if he isn’t ready week 1


I’m happy either way as long as he is healthy enough to not risk a reinjury

And, as I said before, if they wait six weeks and we are 4-2?! Then maybe you continue to drag it out and let him play on a limited basis upon making it back to the active roster

Imagine being in the playoff hum with four weeks to go and we dropp a fully healthy ready to play version of this kid in the remaining defenses!!! :crazy_face:

Players with college injuries can go on NFI (Non-Football Injury) and it works the same way as PUP, at least that’s my understanding.

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So I’m a little confused about TE Bryant, is he actually on our NFI list?

On April 28, 2021, Bryant was waived with a failed physical and reverted to NFI the next day. I would assume that the same thing happened this year when he was waived on April 27, 2022.

If he’s on the roster, I wouldn’t expect anything from him.

Just wondered how long you could do the NFI status. Because , “The NFI covers injuries sustained during a player’s final college football season.” Is it opened ended?

Hard to say. He’s still got 3 full months before training camp starts. I wouldn’t rush him back though. If he needs to sit out the first 6 games to be fully recovered so be it.

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It is open ended, as long as he can’t perform (final year of contract tolls). We may have waived him and gave up on him.

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I would bring him along as slowly as possible.

All that matters to me is that he comes out of his rookie year healthy and with a little experience.


I hope they give up on the how many other TE’s we had on the roster that weren’t available last season as well.