Jameson Willams has Devonte Smith potential?

Both from same college , jameson has the mind set of smith ?

Jameson ostensibly has a higher ceiling.

But we wouldn’t know that.

Because the Lions don’t play him.

And don’t tell us why.


Do we actually need an explanation? He’s probably just not getting it done and isn’t worth the health risk in trying to force it. I doubt he can come in and do what chark is currently doing.

And our run game hasn’t been good enough to really feature him


Like as good as or better than Jalen Waddle.

I was expecting randy moss today , didnt see him and hutchison today . 2 nd drive fumble , nobody recovered. Also opponent punt fumble , nobody near to recover ,that tells nobody want to play today

Sewell was better pick , but we missed the pharson and devonte smith pick , also oliver

Williams has better speed, Smith has better hands and body control. Williams isn’t always going to make the spectacular catches like you saw Smith make today.


It is odd how slow the Lions are bringing him along.

Do they think he’s a liability?


Devonta and AJ Brown are deadly

Unless Jamo is on some restricted pitch count, the way the Lions have handled the situation is quite bizarre imo


Jamo has been targeted 5 times in 4 games, with one career catch. Obviously no sweeping or long term declarations need to be made - that’s dumb. However, we can at least acknowledge being slightly worried at this point. Given the way he’s flying around out there, and that he’s been in the team meetings and watching practice since September… something here doesn’t add up. Doubt we will ever get the story, but being objective you have to be at least a little concerned.


I feel like he is on a massive pitch count, as well as the way Chark & the boys have been performing, combined with Goff’s lack of timing w/him… may perceive the other WRs as better chance to win at this moment in time.


Still would like to see him in the short passing game


Now I really wanna get Chark signed to a deal. He’s really shown up since coming back



TO: All Detroit Lions Fans

DATE: January 1st 2023


ADDRESS: Ford Field Detroit MI


Preface - I agree 0 targets is unacceptable. There’s no reason Williams couldn’t be more involved than that.

Having said that - they probably just think he’s coming off a major knee injury with only a few weeks of practice under him in the middle of a season. Saying they think he’s a liability seems a bit sensational.

Most rookies aren’t ready after a full training camp. Why we’re expecting Jamo to be after everything he’s been dealing with this year is the odd thing imo.

I see a lot of similarities in terms of how they’ve handled Mitchell and Jamo. I’m ok with it tbh, but maybe bc it aligns with what I’ve expected to see? Not sure.

Definitely excited to see them more involved though too.


I can almost guarantee it’s chemistry with Goff. Jamo was never going to unseat St Brown or Chark. Reynolds has 5+ years experience playing with Goff. Raymond is always where he is supposed to be and has been with Goff for two years. If Goff and Jameson are not on the same page, that’s when bad things happen.


It could, not sure, have something to do with the psychological side of healing, too. It is a huge mental game (this is based on personal experience) to be able to make the cuts, even if you’re not feeling pain or laxity. The straight-line speed foot race isn’t the same as a full speed run and stop/cut.


I agree. Just let him play a little and bring him in healthier and at full strength next year. And the next. And the next……
There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by playing him too much and risking re-injuring his knee or injuring something else because he’s favoring it. Next year shit’s going to happen when they cut him loose. The kid’s been bottled up and will be ready to rumble. Maybe find an arm that can keep up with him.


FTR - Jamo seems to agree with everyone saying get him the ball.

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