Jameson Williams watch how he pulls away an makes a 50 yard at practice today



Looks good. Getting that timing down.

I won’t ever deny that’s there’s semi truck loads of talent in that kid.



Nice! He’s wide open, blowing past Sutton, who is likely our best corner.


Hockenson must have taught Jamo his technique of catch the ball then immediately fall down before he left. Stay up jamo! Lol

Seriously, even though most of us have some questions about this kid in some manner, he’s going to be a weapon for this team. Watching him play I’ll bet for every dropped pass he has there’s a crunching block on a run play that goes fairly unnoticed. Jamo is a football player and I believe he’s going to be a good one for us.


Well I guess I’ll have to be the one who comes out and says it. This must mean that Sutton sucks and he will be cut now.

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He is frustrated and has a huuuuge chip on his shoulder. He’s gonna murder ass this year


Wait a minute….

I thought some people said Goff can’t throw a deep ball?

How did he throw that 50 yards??? /sarcasm

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Some of you need new material , that one is a little old.


  • 61 dropbacks, 84.9
  • Deep Passing Yards: 723 (14th)
  • Deep Passing TDs: 5 (T-14th)
  • Passer Rating: 104.2 (T-7th)
  • Deep Comp%: 41.8%

Goff struggled from deep through the first 12 weeks of the season (64.8; 33rd), but he caught fire towards the end, earning a 96.8 grade from Weeks 13-18 (first). D.J. Chark Jr. (93.2) and Kalif Raymond (92.2) led the way with 462 yards. Jameson Williams (91.9) showcased his deep-threat ability upon his return from injury, however, a suspension will cause him to miss the first six games this upcoming season. With Chark now in Carolina, Detroit will lean on Amon-Ra St. Brown (74.1) and others to help open up the attack.

It was a popular debate last year….


Yeah that site I put up has him 19th yet his #s are better then a lot that’s ahead of him.

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Check out these ratings

Does anyone know what positions Jared played when he played baseball? I assume that he pitched but based off of his arm circle when throwing a football I don’t get the sense that he was a catcher like his father. I’d assume RF or more likely left side of the diamond.

When he can do his hitch or mini crow hop, Jared can rip the absolute sh!t out of the ball. He doesn’t get enough credit for his arm talent in ideal circumstances bc the league and it’s followers (I’m guilty too) have become addicted to off platform arm talent porn.

In truth the ball was a tad under thrown. Jamo had to slow up…. lol

But honestly that’s common on deep balls.

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Agree… I think Goff wanted to put enough air under to make sure he didn’t miss Jamo… since he knew he was gonna be wide open.
I think he could have easily thrown it far enought with less trajectory if needed.

Half full view for me is Jamo learning to adjust to the ball now…. He can just go full burner…. Love it!

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