Jameson Williams

Just saw Jamo should play next week. Really looking forward to seeing him on the field.



How about boom-boom???


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I can’t wait to see him. I’ll be at the Minny game. That crowd is going to go nuts when he’s on the field.


Crazy how he went from “best wr in the class” to a wr4 option without having played a single down :thinking:


That’s fantasy football.


Assume the comment is for all the fantasy football nerds out there for the remainder of the season


Oh shoot I skipped right to the highlighted part and missed that.

Mental Health Reaction GIF by CBS

Welcome to Detroit, Jamo. Nice time to do it during a three game homestand!

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They’re talking about fantasy football 4th WR option, not the Lions 4th WR option.

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They should run him out there for at least one play today just to pump up the crowd if needed. You don’t even have to have them run a real route. Just the emotional boost might be enough.

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Is it worth it if we don’t have our guards giving us time to throw deep?

I wouldn’t even necessarily throw it to him. If the crowd needs a spark that might do it. I’m sure he’s not even dressed for the game though. In reality, it’s the jack and Coke talking right now.