Jamo: "Every route has a reason."

I just watched the David Montgomery TD

Jamo out there blocking gets dragged down like he’s getting tackled -
Isn’t that a penalty ?


I don’t have a link for it. A player mentioned it in an interview…and then you can see the supporting evidence in other spaces too… like chargers not having film on us, essentially. There was a reference from a coach once too.

Wish I was better with this stuff, brother.

They already bumped his pay once. I truly get the impression he wants tasty. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he actually sticks around for awhile longer.
…as for replacing him → I think the truth is in the middle. Sure…we have highly competent people on the team already (Dan included), but are they as good as ben at OC? May be some dropoff, but our OL are maulers, and I love what Jamo said, “Our OL WILL get them the first 3 yards…”

We’re gonna be fine no matter what. We’ll be improved because playoff version of Jamo will look different than what we are seeing now, as well as Gibby’s growth. Those 2 alone are going to make us look completely different as they grow. I’m hoping for the same from a healthy CJGJ…I’m hoping for the same from Bro-Mart. MASSIVE upgrade in the team with just growth of the 2 offensive guys, and CJGJ coming back…If we can stir a pocket disrupting version of Bro-Mart into that…WHEEEEW!!!

Are even better ?
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I am not a guy that remembers the first year the same way you do. I remember the first OC, then the Dan Campbell offense. They were different. To me…Ben is an extension of how Dan was calling plays bakck then. And if Ben was the one calling those plays, Dan would have let him do it on gameday. Ben was not a secret play whisperer back then. So I trust Dan now.


So we’re setting Jamo up to have a big game in the post season?

Trick our opponents by telling Jamo to drop a ball or two so that Goff appears to lack confidence and just when teams think Jamo is a dud …. Wham he’s our primary target and gets 200 yards receiving and 4tds, and MVP of the game when the Lions curb stomp Dallas in the playoffs?

Ben is playing Chess while everyone else is playing Checkers.

He’s not just 4 moves ahead he’s an entire season ahead. The smartest part about his plan was getting Jamo to gamble and get suspended.

It’s all a ruse.



Ah, our little Jamo is growing up. Where does time go?


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"Hey Ben. You’re young. You have your whole life ahead of you, and you are pretty much a lock for a HC job down the road.

Here’a a new contract $1 less than Dan Campbell’s. See you next year."


Fingers crossed. Ben strikes me as uncommonly Loyal He LOVES Coach Dan